Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007 - The 4th @ Kennywood

I woke up late today, as the buses didn't leave until 11am. Kennywood was a short drive away, no more than 30 minutes. The park is kind of like Six Flags, as they promote traditionalism. I think they are ranked for several different things. The rides and coasters were all pretty great. I went on all of them, except the water rides and Exterminator, which I didn't come across. I went on Phantom, their biggest and only steel coaster, twice. It doesn't beat the Hulk.

I also had a funnel cake, I don't even recall how many years ago I had one, maybe at Lake Lanier that summer? I still can't eat a whole one, regardless of how delicious it was. I also didn't know that LifeSavers made slushees. Delicious, but unfortunately not carbonated.

I took some more pictures of the room and such, but I really need to read these 60 pages of chapter 1 for Master Student and finish up the physics stuff.


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NTP in the ATL said...

You have been initiated into the wonderful world of Freshman Orientation and Corporate America Training ice-breakers. It doesn't go away. I think counselors and trainers have manuals full of those activities that also instruct them on how to always be perky. Sometimes the food gets better - sometimes it's worse. From the picture, it looks like they can bring your bed down a few feet or maybe they have a ladder. Do you have access to frig and microwave? Let me know what you want or need to get through the summer. Hoe about a paddle for table tennis? Have fun, relax and make some new connections. Stay safe. Love ya.