Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007 - Relaxing Sunday

I feel just as the title says. This song by The Postal Service perfectly describes how I feel today. It's one of my favorites.

Don't wake me I plan on sleeping. Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in. Don't wake me I plan on sleeping. Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in. Again last night I had that strange dream, where everything was exactly how it seemed... ♪

I went to sleep at like 4:30am and woke up around 1:30pm today. It was nice to sleep without being interrupted by construction trucks, vacuums from the cleaning service, and alarm clocks.

I think I will leave today to be a relaxing day. I might take a little ride to Lucci's pizza in Squirrel Hill later, but otherwise I think that I'll spend the day inside doing some Cog and getting an early start on Physics.

It seems to become more and more common that comedies aren't really funny anymore. Maybe I have just changed my perception, but doesn't it seem like the when you go to see a comedy film, the only funny parts are the ones shown in the commercial? License to Wed was like that. Every scene with Robin Williams was, of course, hilarious. Otherwise, I could have taken a nap in between. I actually did for about 5 minutes. And then I woke up and was like "Woah! How did they get to Jamaica?!"

The Waterfront is quite a mall/plaza/shopping center. I finally bought How To Read Literature Like A Professor from Barnes & Noble in preparation for AP English Lang next year. I love Barnes & Noble. It is such an amazing store. I can't say that about all bookstores though, it is just BN. Every time you go in, no matter what location, the smell of billions of pages of literature mixed with the aromas from the coffee shop just captures you. I wish I had time to just go in there and read all the books that I desire. I wish I had time to read all of the books that I buy from there, lol. B & N giftcards for Christmas, anyone?

On another note, I need to go out and buy some more cherry Lifesavers. They make me happy!

Just got back from Squirrel Hill. It's a nice little district. I may go back later on this week.

Lucci's was great again. Turns out that they have a $4.99 Wednesday Spaghetti special which includes a pasta dish, salad, and bread. And it is not only eat-in. Carry-out, delivery, and too! That is a much better deal than anything that I can find around here. You can get something like that at the Underground at Morewood for like $7.50. And I bet it tastes GOOD! I know where I'll be eating Wednesday. One major thing that I noticed while out and about today is that Pittsburghers are rude. No one seems happy here. Everyone looks so mean when walking down the street, and if they don't, then they aren't from here. I suppose that is big city mentality.

I went to the Giant Eagle across the street afterwards and got a few snacks and a half-case of water. I realized a few days ago that I haven't been drinking any water at all for the past 2 weeks. Maybe only once. So I got some. They didn't have any cherry Lifesaver packages, so I had to settle for the 5-flavor package. I love the color orange, oranges, and orange juice, but hate orange lifesavers. The smell of the produce section reminded me of what produce sections used to smell like. Giant Eagle is a cool little supermarket.

One more thing to get accustomed to is the bus system. All that I know now is that the 59U and the 61C go to the Waterfront, passing Squirrel Hill on the way, and that the 64A picks up from the waterfront but DOES NOT go back to Carnegie Mellon. Some drivers want you to "pay" when you get off, others want you to "pay" when you get on. It is confusing! If I show my card early, they yell to "PAY WHEN YOU GET OFF" but other times, if I don't show it before boarding, they say "AND YOUR PASS IS WHERE?!" Sheesh, soooorrry! I know how to solve it. Just get all of the buses equipped with RFID, so if you aren't really "paying" then the bus will know, and if your are paying with cash, then you can just do so. Or a smaller step could be to make all of the passes swipe-able. But all the drivers do say "Have a nice day/afternoon/evening!" when each person gets off. Also, in order for the bus to stop, you have to be standing on the street when the bus comes, or else it will pass you by. I can't even count how many people buses have whizzed by this weekend. I like riding the bus here though, it feels different that doing so at home.

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