Sunday, July 22, 2007

Progress on weekend to do:
  • finish Latin
  • backup computer (doing that now)
  • Ship it! (not excited about shipping it, just the saying)
  • get to Cog Unit 18 (only on 15 now) (done)
  • World History
  • Master Student essay
  • read SAT essays
  • Laundry?
  • Lucci's
  • barbecue/picnic thinger tomorrow (didn't feel like going)
  • SLEEP! (still need more)
  • new: go to Physics review tonight
I didn't do about half of that stuff until today, but whatever, it's done. Most importantly Latin.

I'm really hungry. I haven't eaten meat in like 5 days. Well, I had those chicken fingers at the Underground on Friday night, but otherwise, nothing else substantial. It's not because there isn't any meat, it's just that I don't want it, and I can't eat hot dogs everyday for the next 3 weeks as I did for the first two. I suppose I can go find something out in Pittsburgh. ::growl growl:: - says my tummy

Note to Mother: Fajitas! Please please please! August 11th. I'll send you a reminder to marinate the steak in the Mojo sauce on Friday. Thank you! (I hope that is enough time to prepare, lol)

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Cocolette said...

The fajitas and rice will be for dinner on the 11th! Any special dessert requests? Beverage?