Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007 - Great Weekend

YouTube nostalgia in the cluster for hours; some highlights include:
-watching random people dancing
-Mulan II clips
-I'll Make a Man Out of You (IN MANDARIN) 4 times
-I'll Make a Man Out of You in every other language
[Run back to Hamerschlag to get Lucci's that we ordered]
-half of the Lion King
-random music videos from the '90s
-old Disney shows
-TV themes

There was an earlier curfew 11 instead of 12 since there was another SAT on Saturday. Then there was a message on the board stating a floor meeting at 11. Ugh, what did we do now? They opened up the spare room, and then the RAs appear, disappear, and then a bad attempt at sneakily reappearing with freshly baked cookies and icing to decorate them with! Jessica and Aimee are indeed awesome.

An amazing mall/plaza, but quite an interesting trip to get there. Right after the SAT (same long boring thing as usual), we go back to the dorm and put our stuff back before heading out to the bus stop. There are only three 59U's that make the full route out to Century, otherwise, it just circles back around at the Waterfront. Taking the 2:20 was cutting it close for leaving at 2:18, but there were a few others out there going to the same place earlier than us. Okay, we missed the bus, no worries, because we can take any other bus out to the Waterfront, and then catch the 55M or another 59U or something else from there. Only problem is that another bus didn't come for about an HOUR. A bunch more people show up that are going to Century III too, but however packed that next bus was, we were ALL getting on. Eventually one shows up...

We get to the Waterfront and wait at the bus stop for a few. A 55M passes by on the other side of the street. Someone suggests that perhaps we are on the wrong side of the street. Perhaps? we ask one of the guys that is "from around here" and he says that we are definitely in the right place, and if not, the 55M should still pass us again anyway. Another bus that says "Century III via Waterfront" goes by, again, on the other side of the street. After that, while debating whether to go back to the other side of the street about 15 minutes later, we see a 55M and make some sort of hopeless attempt to wave at the bus driver. She just smiles at us and drives by. So we run to the other side of the street, after missing THREE buses. Less than 5 minutes later, we see the same 55M coming back around, but going the other direction. We had enough time to run back across, and we did. It was kind of hilarious seeing about 15 kids run across. There was only 1 car in the way, but she did that "I'm going to slow down so that you can't cross in time thing". We still went, and made it to the stop in time so that we were all standing there when she would pull up. It looked like the driver was laughing, like "haha you guys ran across the street and I came back, hop on!" BUT NO! She laughs AT us as she speeds by. No fair. It's about 4:15, so the 2nd 59U of the day should be coming around at 4:23 that we decide to wait for, on our original side of the street. We're all sitting on the curb/grass looking really sad and depressed, having half of our day wasted, when someone suggests that if the bus doesn't come by 4:30, we should all just stay at the Waterfront and then see Hairspray. Sounds like a great plan. 4:30 rolls around and they are getting up to leave. I suggest that we wait a few minutes, since all of the other buses were late, but they begin walking toward the theater, and what do you know... the bus comes less than 2 minutes later. We applaud the bus as it pulls up to the curb, and then a huge group of other SAMS/Pre-College people get off of the bus. They must have thought that we were insane, but they went along with the "Hey!" "Hey!" etc. thing. The bus was about empty, and nice and cool by the time we got on. Did I mention that in the midst of all of this, this must've been the hottest day since I've been here.

About an hour later, we arrive at Century. It was a LONG ride. Through the city, through the country, on the highway, through some weird neighborhoods, and then finally there. I try to remember rides in case we get lost, but I forgot after about 5 minutes. You really can't tell that you're there until you're right at the mall, as there are tons of other huge plazas surrounding it on the hilly plain. There is a huge Wal-Mart (of course), a Super-DUPER Target, and then a bunch of other places clustered together. Because it was so hilly, we really couldn't see a mall and were like "Why did you guys tell us this mall was so huge and awesome? All I see is an effing Wal-Mart!" One of the Pre-College kids asks the bus driver if this is the mall, and he just tells him to sit down and be patient, as we are there. Hmmm. A few curves later, and indeed, we are there. The bus stop is on the FAR side of the parking lot, convenient.

The inside of the mall looks like Aventura. Three floors, a sky lit center, 2 Macy's, and 3 other department stores. The food court was pathetic for the size of the mall, and so was the crowd. We worked up an appetite with that exhausting trip, so we headed to the food court first. Nothing too excited, except for the fact that I've never seen a mall Arby's. Ended up eating at Manchu Wok, where they give the hugest portions in the smallest containers. I played a few games of DDR on their crappy machine before going to find where everyone else had gone. There were a ton of incredible sales going on, Rave was closing and had $1.99, $2.99, etc., boxes of clothes to dig through, but I didn't find much that was interesting.

I left them to dig through boxes of tangled clothes at Rave while I explored the rest of the mall. I wandered into Old Navy somehow and they were having a pretty amazing sale too. I ended up getting a pair of $2 flip flops (you can never have enough!) and a small messenger bag for $9. After meeting back with everyone else, we found the Champs store with the amazing sale that everyone was talking about. It was incredibly amazing. $10 Nikes, $5 Jerseys, $0.99 T-Shirts, $4 Pants, $20 Pumas, $25 Jordans, was unbelievable, except they were out of Js, of course. Most people left with at least a pair of shoes and $30 in savings. Others left with 4 full bags of clothes and shoes with $700 in savings...yeah, that made an interesting bus ride back. Let's just say we voluntarily missed the bus we planned to take, and we will def. be back next week.

In the midst of shopping we completely forgot that the Black Light Party was that night. There was about a half hour of it left by the time we got back, and we made it there right before it was over. If they were aiming for a rave, they missed. Not enough techno.

A few of us went back to Baker to go YouTubing again. A large portion of that was spent watching Beyonce fall off the steps on stage during the Orlando concert. I don't know how many times we watched that video. It was hilarious every time.

MANDATORY trip to the Carnegie Science Center. Amazing how everything that is somewhat mandatory is stressed so much around here.

Viewing in omnimax was pretty cool, except Deep Sea was boring, the chairs were reclined, and I was tired, so I ended up falling asleep, along with a portion of the rest of the audience.
A family with two antsy children comes and sits down next to us a few minutes after it starts.
Quote of the day: "Mommy, this is boring!"
I couldn't agree with him more.

Look, it's me:

This is pretty awesome and this is pretty hilarious.

More pictures from this weekend are here and here.

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