Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007 - Sleep...haha, yeah right!

This has been the craziest week ever. For no apparent reason though. For the past, oh, 4 nights I have gone to sleep at 3:30am. Why the fuck hell non-expletive can I not go to sleep at a reasonable hour?! Ironically, this whole sleep issue has come up twice today. First in Master Student. On Tuesday, like 6 people fell asleep during that class. I don't blame them, it's boring. But that is the reason why curfew got pushed back. Coincidentally, we happened to read Chapter 2 - Planning for Thursday. So yesterday I had to listen to how much of a bad, non-master student I am/will be because I don't use a planner, write down everything, and get 8 hours of sleep. There was this study tip of studying TWO hours for every hour in class. That would mean 14 hours of studying EVERY day, except weekends, this summer. Apparently the writers of Master Student are writers because they aren't good at math. 7 hours in class, 14 hours of studying, 8 hours of sleep. Sounds like 29 hours to me. What planet is that? I couldn't ever imagine studying for 14 hours in one day. I couldn't imagine doing anything for 14 hours in one day, maybe sleeping. So we filled out all of these time management and to do list charts, but it seems like a waste of paper to me. I don't think I really need an extensive planner, but just something to write everything down in by date so I won't forget.

After Master Student, I was headed to lunch as I ran into Imani and Bonvincent, who told me that the line at the Cafe was long, like almost out the door, so we headed over to find somewhere in the University Center to eat. Si Senor had a decent sized line, so we headed over to Skibo. Now I have heard about this Skibo place before but never really knew where it was or what they had on their menu. It was hidden in some corner on the upper level of the UC. This place wasn't small or deserted or anything either, just somewhat off the beaten path. By the time we got there, half of our Master Student class was already there! We looked over a menu while in line and it looked like they had better food than in than anywhere else on campus. It was reasonably priced, and everything looked and smelled good as people walked by. I wanted an Amp SOO bad. But I really didn't want to pay $3.00 for it when I can get it for $1.75 elsewhere. I ended up going the safe way and just getting a 9in cheese pizza + fountain drink. $5.75. A pretty decent price, although I could get a 12in pizza and a can of soda somewhere in the city for that price. Nonetheless, we went to sit down and waited for our numbers to be called. The dining area was really nice. There were traditional chairs and tables, and then couches and such. I guess because it is the Skibo Coffeehouse, although they sell way more than your typical Starbucks. While waiting, interesting topics came up, such as a small random balcony over the dining area, which we concluded was for public suicides after CMU became too much. Numbers were called before and behind all of ours. Everyone that got a sandwich or soup or salad of some sort got their food first, but all of us pizza-eaters were last! I was 238, Richard was 224, Imani was 231, and Bonvincent was 233. I remember when 242 was called a LOUD sigh was heard. But as soon as anyone's number was called, they leaped up before confirming the last digit completely. It was like eating at the Cafe like forever had turned us all into raging (vicious plural noun) that couldn't wait to eat real food. The pizza was okay. It wasn't bad, just not amazing or anything. It tasted like a DiGiorno, even though it was fresh.

I made it back to my room with enough time to take a 20 minute nap before Junior Assembly and exchange books. It was quite refreshing. In Junior Assembly one of the first issues that they brought up before the main topic was the sleeping issue. People were falling asleep in classes and such and this program costs $400,000 total, so you are an expensive risk, blah blah THIS IS NOT SUMMER CAMP blah blah YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN and have fun blah blah we care about you and your education this is a great experience so don't mess it up or we'll kick you out! Even though I don't go to sleep at a reasonable hour, I don't fall asleep in class. Honestly, I think people fall asleep in class because they think that it's boring. I'm sure everyone knows that, but it's just one of those unmentionables. So anyway, during this lovely session, there were REAL LIVE CMU students. They basically told us stuff about CMU that they encountered and whatnot, and then we got to ask them questions. Of course there was no one there with anything close to my major of interest, so I just listened while they spoke about architecture, economics, studying abroad, statistics, and some other stuff that I really wasn't interested in. They did bring up something about CMUs involvement in the DARPA Grand Challenge, but there wasn't much for them to elaborate on. I didn't chime in, even though I knew ALL about it.

Haha, they also explained the "communication issue" from last Saturday in Junior Assembly. Apparently while in a class or lab or something, someone, who writes crazy stories all the time, decided to write a horror/murder/mystery story involving SAMS people with unique ways for each of the characters to die around CMU. Someone looked over their shoulder and mistook it for a hit list and anonymously reported it. I think it is hilarious now, but it of course in the post-911, VT, blah blah dangerous world that we live in we must take the necessary precautions. She said that they confiscated her notebook for evidence, but I want to see the story lol!

On to, yeah. Major suxors! Interesting how I like this class some days and how I hate it others. I never really love it though. Only 1 week left! We'll probably be working on that dice game sometime next week.

So off to dinner and then to the lab, after an interesting situation with TJs cake, and we are off to Baker. Group projects REALLY don't work well. Like, ever. I ended up doing all of the work, but the presentation looks beautiful, so it is okay, I guess. I still have some work to do for tomorrow. But I'm ssssssssllllllllleeepppyyyyyy......


Cocolette said...
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Cocolette said...

Looks like someone really experienced a TRUE FRIDAY the 13th!!! Thank God for Saturday the 14th! Hope you rock the SAT diagnostic.
That was a great shot of the cloudy day. Maybe you could sell some of your pictures to CMU to use in their brochures...some of your pics were better than what they had on the website!! (a totally unbiased opinion) :-p
Ciao for now!