Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007 - TGIF

I have never been so happy for a Friday to come. I'm in SAT Prep now. The project sucked just like I expected....grr C.

It's over! I can sleep! The week is done!

Electronics ended on an interesting note. We tested the probability of the dice to see if it was a fair dice or not. Turns out that JD and I will presenting about the results and the actual device at the Symposium. ECE starts next week. Yay robots!

We didn't get our Physics homework today as usual, so that means that it isn't due until next Tuesday!

To do for the weekend:
  • finish Latin
  • backup computer
  • Ship it! (not excited about shipping it, just the saying)
  • get to Cog Unit 18
  • World History
  • Master Student essay
  • read SAT essays
  • Laundry?
  • Lucci's
  • barbecue/picnic thinger tomorrow
  • SLEEP!

I think I'm going to go to Lucci's later on today and then come back and SLEEP. For a looooong time. I have had 18 hours of sleep this past week, including Sunday. Time to make up for 102 hours of awake-ness. Well I better sign in first!

These weeks are surely FLYING by... week 4 coming up already, before you know it i'll be back in Ft. Lauderdale and going back to...ugh...I won't dare say it. D for Ddd...


Bunni said...

Hang in there!! And remember the Serenity Prayer... "Accept the things you can't change ... and the wisdom to know the difference"
What you feel now is really just preparation for being an adult. You're experiencing it earlier than most young people.
Hugs and Kisses

Pamela said...

Hope you are sleeping or at least zoning out as I write this. Suggestion from one who doesn't sleep normal --- shut down the cafffeine intake about 4 - 5 hours before you want to sleep. Find something mindless to read. Might work for you. Have fun with robots next week.
Love ya,