Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007 - A Soggy Day in Pitt

view from my window today
It was very foggy and odd outside when I woke up this morning. I woke up with the worse sinus headache ever, but it went away within an hour. Everyone from away seems to wake up really uncomfortable around here. The birds are REALLY noisy in the morning, and there is construction going on at the surrounding residence halls, so my alarm clock is almost unnecessary now.

I got up and went to breakfast later today, as I arrived way to early to class the previous day. No plain bagels. I tried a wheat bagel instead AND used the bagel slicer. Now either they have a shitty bagel slicer, or I am just stupid. It came out better than yesterday, but it still wasn't sliced to perfection. The wheat bagel wasn't too bad, except for the pieces of random wheat stuff I guess that I could distinctly separate from the bready part.

It was 8:50 when I left the Cafe, with 10 minutes left to get to Baker, almost clear across campus. I walked fast, as did everyone else, with most of the classes start at 9. I made it there in about 5 minutes, but there were a few others that came in after. I remember Mr. Baker saying at the first class don't bother to come in early, as it doesn't matter because he won't be there, so I'll try to arrive right on time. Maybe I'll leave at 8:15 to go to breakfast instead of 8:30.

Conceptual Math was great today. I wasn't expecting to like the course at all, but the Cognitive Tutor CD is great. WHY couldn't I have had this in Pre-Calc last semester?! I would have had an A. When Mr. Baker ended the class, no one wanted to stop. Those moving green and finally gold bars were addictive! The program caters to your individual reactions to problems, so if you miss a specific aspect of a problem, such as finding h in a translation like me, you will most likely get the same problem over and over with different numbers. The concepts are really beat into you.

Master Student was again boring interesting. We did a Learning Style Inventory and a Discovery Wheel chart. It basically identified your strengths and weaknesses in reference to common study, school/work, social related habits. I thought I would like this class a lot, but I really don't like group work and this class is really group-oriented. Something else to just deal with, as I've already gotten used to it. Dr. Tinsley seems like a cool instructor, she makes everything understandable, but I've done a lot of things in the book before on my own. We did some goal setting activity today, with prioritizing and such, if only I had my blue notebook from last semester where I did all of this extensively one day. I'll play along with a positive outlook. For some reason, this class has a negative connotation because it reminds me of FLVS Health SO much.

Lunch is almost the same every day, they just alternate between some sort of noodly or cheesy or seafood dish in addition to everything else. I had a hotdog and fries, but again with the ketchup tragedy, the hot dog was cold by the time I could properly adorn it, but the fries were okay. There was cantaloupe! And it was mighty delicious. I went back up to my room after eating lunch in less than 30 minutes. It started to drizzle on my way up, but it was tolerable "Like a midget spitting on your shoulder" as Damian mentioned yesterday before leaving for Kennywood. I read a few things for various classes and sorted my notebook and desk again as the rain increased. It was pour, and then slow down, and then pour, and then slow down, and then the duct tape fell off the sky and let it all out. See, that is Noelle's Storm Cloud Theory. The atmosphere is similar to a large, almost plastic-like, movable bag. Some holes in the atmosphere has been patched with duct tape, which is why it looks dark when it is about to storm. The water presses on the bag, forcing it down into visible sight on the earth. When it rains, the duct tape gives slowly, with a few drops leaking out, and then finally the whole thing falling off. The rest is difficult to explain with other weather phenomenons. Ask me some other day if you are interested.

I repacked my bag and changed into sneakers because of the rain for Junior Assembly, which was in a small auditorium in the basement of Baker. I walked under the canopy near Hamerschlag, wagering to wait if the rain would let up. It didn't, so I ended up walking out in the rain, getting soaked almost instantly. I walked as fast as I can, but it was tricky going down a slippery incline. Squeaking down the large sloping hall and down 2 flights of stairs, I arrived to the freezing cold room soaked, followed by more dripping-wet people. I don't know why everyone [the staff] thought it was so funny, being perfectly dry with their large umbrellas! The assembly is hosted by the CMARC staff to review whatever and anything for the first part, and also to bring in guest speakers from around CMU and wherever to talk about leadership, college, planning, management and all of that good stuff. A guy from CMU Student Services came to talk about leadership, just what I needed. I don't know why everyone in my group thought that my answers were brilliant, I honestly thought that it was obvious.

It was all clear, yet still foggy/cloudy outside after Junior Assembly ended a little late. Electronics was right across the patch of grass in Doherty Hall, so it was a short walk, not enough time to soak in the sun, or lack thereof. This is the coldest classroom ever, yet there is some concept of turning on another fan to allow warm air in? The instructor presented a brief introduction to 555 chips as the TA passes out some reading material. I understood the schematics better today, and was able to get mine working, although smoking 3 LEDs in the process. I thought that it was my fault, but when Kevin came over to check, he noticed that the chip was bad. Mocking the Mac thing "It's not my fault." I had everything right. My fingers smelled like burnt electronics for a while after though. The only good point of being in this freezing classroom was that I finally dried off, although still freezing.

Dinner was the same as lunch, except that I had a Sierra Mist and salad too. I wanted more cantaloupe, and there was plenty, but it looked like it had been sitting there since lunch. After lunch I went back to my room, but ended up falling asleep instead of doing whatever I planned to do. A nap never hurts. Internet surfing and blogging does. That's my cue.
Um.. there is a hall meeting in an hour, so I'll head down there in a few and "hit the books" until then. Gah, I hate that term. ::SMACK:: to you SAT Prep!

OMG I just exploded my Coke! At least it's still cold after 3.5 hours.

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