Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tueday, July 10, 2007 - Interesting

Physics was cool today. This just proves it. The last 1:30 minutes are the best.

Electronics was also cool. I finished up my counter yesterday. It uses a 555 and 4017, which counts from 1-10, and the LEDs flash accordingly. We finished up working with the sirens and started with transistors today. In the video below, notice how the it counts faster when I switch out the capacitor.

Yesterday I re-Googled Quizno's and found out that there was another one on S. Craig St., and 1 street over from Forbes. This was a much shorter walk. I find Quizno's with no problem, but just to my luck, they have made recently made made changes to their menu. There is only one thing that I like a Quizno's. The delicious meatball sub. Guess what is off of the menu? S. Craig St. just happens to have tons of restaurants though, so I went back to Maximum Flavor again and got popcorn chicken and fries for only $4.95. About the same portions that Zuccarelli's gives, but almost half the price. Besides the fries being soggy from sitting in the heat trapped styrofoam container for the 10 minute walk back, everything was pretty good. I might try the Noodley place over there one day.

After I got back I did some homework and all of that good stuff, but I always save Cog for last. I don't know why. It happened to be the day before the first deadline, Unit 4, was due. I was on Unit 3, Section 2, the last one before 4. But for some reason, it didn't like my answers and wouldn't give me gold bars :(. Eventually...around 2:30am, I just gave up, accepting that I might get a B or something. In the morning I decided to go to the lab a little early, and within 5 minutes...just like that...I finish the unit. It is a miracle, because he walked in and checked the progress like 15 minutes later.

I knew that SAT prep would suck, and it still does. I honestly just want to read the book, do the examples alone, and see what I can do from there. But no. I have to cover the words with my fingers, wait for everyone else to get the answer, and use time wasting method. Now they do have some pretty good methods, but I think I can adapt them to my learning/test taking styles better. There is another diagnostic this Saturday. Let's see if I can raise my score 200 points like they said by using POOD, POE, ballparking, hiding the answers, and plugging in! -_-

Speaking of learning styles...everyone is really hating Master Student. It is okay, but still kind of boring. So boring that apparently 6 people fell asleep during class. So boring that because of this, curfew was pushed back an hour to allow everyone more time to sleep! Yeah right, as if everyone will now go to sleep immediately as they get to their rooms right after 10. The RAs were disturbingly happy about this. Apparently a bunch of people already drink tons of Bawls, and I guess Kool-Aid & Coke is the new (or just something that I haven't heard of) recipe for an intense sugar high, so they'll be awake anyway. I don't really need any assistants, for some reason I am just naturally awake late, regardless of what time I went to sleep or woke up the night before. As in, I woke up at 6:40 this morning, and it is now 1:01am. I could stay awake for another hour or two with no troubles. But I won't. Not tonight.

That's my cue. Goodnight. Ugh IT IS SO HOT. I feel like I'm in a sauna or something 24/7. Well not 24/7, but a large part of the 24. It actually feels like it did a few days after the hurricane with no power. You can't even stay cool by remaining still. I don't look forward to going to sleep. And YES, hot air does rise...I feel it!

OH YEAH! Tomorrow, well today, is 7/11! Do you know what that means? Free slurpees!

edit: I did it again! It is 3:05am and I am not asleep! What is wrong with me! And to comment on Emile's comment, these are not Dillard people. Different, very very a good way. And you're the one that IMed me at 2:15am...yeah...I'm going to try to go to sleep again now

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emile said...

Hey i did not know about that 7/11 that is awesome. also isn't a school night you should be asleep. Lastly I didn't think you were the type of person to hang out with people like that they are like some people at our school. You know the people you don't hang out with.