Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007 - First Week

I've been here for almost a week, not quite, although the week of class isn't over yet. I still have to go to Physics and Electronics today. Everything is pretty easy so far, including Conceptual Mathmatics and "The Cog". Cognitive Tutor for all of you out of the know. SAT Prep is so dreadfully SLOOOWWW. I wonder if real college students really have to carry around SO many big heavy books at one time? My bookbag was insanely heavy today, good thing Jansports are forever!

I came up here during lunch to drop off my books and possibly do some work, but um...yeah pulling out my computer was a bad idea. I have plenty of time though. No procrastination yet...well, not much. I guess I should leave tor Physics now...

Electronics is getting a little cooler, though still a bit fuzzy.


should soon look like


edit: awesome, originally posted at 1:08!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie:
I read everything and am really proud of your writitng ability... I felt that I was right there with you. Several times I wished I was there to give you a big hug. I do miss you, but as long as I can read what you're doing I'll be OK. Do you think maybe that you are expected to climb what appears to be a ladder at each end of your bed?
Luv Ya!!!!!

Noelle said...

yeah, but the problem is that there is a HUGE gap between step 3 and 4, making it almost impossible to climb normally