Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Letter to My High School Self

There's a thread on College Confidential (yeah I still go there sometimes, don't judge me) about writing a letter to your high school self. The responses are pretty interesting, I've decided to extend my post here:

Dear HS Me,

You probably think you're pretty awesome and doing all the right things, right? Wrong. Stop obsessing over that institute up north, you know which one I'm talking about. Hate to crush all your hopes and dreams, but you're going to get deferred and then ultimately rejected. You'll meet some cool folks along the way, so don't give up on the process. You'll get over it and eventually end up happy at the popular State U that you detest. Go ahead and load up on dual-enrollment courses at the local CC the summer between 11th-12th as you planned. You'll be glad to have all those easy As and Gen Eds out the way once you get to college and you'll deeply regret it if you don't. DO NOT let the deadline for that 2008 summer program/internship slip by; you really aren't too busy, just lazy.

Speaking of lazy, you're REALLY lazy. That needs to stop because old habits die hard and will kick your ass in college. The serious weight gain between 9th and 12th grade can be prevented. Your grades can be better. Effort, Noelle, effort! Your natural intelligence and ability to work quickly are nice to have, but you'll be a lot less stressed out if you procrastinate less and persevere.

Be more vocal about your ideas in robotics, especially in the last two years. Some of your ideas are excellent. Those half-completed CAD files sitting on your hard drive? Finish them and show someone at the beginning of the season.

As much as you hate being lectured because you think you already have it all figured out, just listen to me and digest all of this. I am the amazing you after all.

Quickies: buy that DSLR while you still have a job at a place where you can get a discount, the t-shirts with the witty sayings -- ditch them after 9th grade, go to all of those parties you were invited to, don't take having the beach 20 minutes away for granted, South Florida isn't all that bad, appreciate it.

Stop being such a prude. Just...stop. I can't say exactly what, but a lot of your views are skewed and narrow-minded. Maturity will come in due time. Loosen up socially, be more approachable and friendly. Explore and spend more time on those little creative outlets that you started to get into. Love yourself, no need to be so critical. Chill out about everything and stop stressing so much, it'll all work out in the end :)

Much Love,
The Future You

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Not-dirt-poor-but-not-rich college student budget doesn't allow. Noelle wants, insanely.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring 2010 - Getting It Together

Usually when I've placed myself into some sort of horrible situation, I sometimes tell myself "Noelle, get it together!"; somewhat serious, somewhat jokingly. We're not going to talk about Fall 2009 since that's behind us. Mistakes were made, lessons have been learned. With a new year and a new semester upon us, it's a perfect time for a refresh.

HOLD ON, doesn't this sound too sappy and pleasant to be coming from me? Let's get real...

To be completely honest, I didn't really like the way my first semester of college went. I'm not going to go too far into detail about everything, but I passed all of my classes, the living sitch and my roomies (only 2 now! woohoo!) are cool, and I managed to squeeze some fun in here and there. Moving on.

I had mixed feelings about the new semester approaching, but alas, it's here. My workload is more intensive, as I have a math course, a science course, a real engineering class, and German as well. Oddly enough, I look forward to it. I learned last semester that I'm barely productive when I have too much free time. Keeping my schedule loaded (within reason) should keep me on my toes. Even with a more difficult courseload, I feel that I'll be more successful this semester because my motivation has changed...well, I have motivation period this time around. Though the future is such a great unknown, I can't help but to get excited about it. Despite seeming so far out of reach, it always seems better than the present. Yadda yadda, kids these days wanting to grow up too fast, I know, I know, I'll savor the moment.

I would say something about me needing to improve socially, but it's still not that big of a deal to me. I've come to accept that I'm a loner. I find it incredibly funny that it doesn't really phase me unless I think about. Don't be mistaken, I do enjoy my time spent with others, but I also treasure personal space; to remain unchallenged, unrestricted, to think, to move, to function independently. I've already made too many accessory "friends" -- the type that seem super buddy buddy bffs forever when you first meet them, but will barely acknowledge your presence in passing a month later. Perhaps that's why I sometimes come off as standoffish, because I refuse to be vulnerable to superficial friendships. The conventional college socialization methods (ie. wild parties, clubs, etc.) are unappealing to me so it may take longer to find worthwhile, lasting friendships. Maybe it's better that way.

With a more positive outlook, I look forward to the rest of this semester, my college career, and my life, and hope for the absolute best. (What am I on with all this cheesiness I'm spouting?) I don't blog much when depressed, so let's hope the good mood sticks around and I'll keep steadily pumping out the blogs and vlogs (<-- heh, that rhymes!).