Monday, June 11, 2007

'Tis Indeed a Lovely Day

Today has been such a beautiful day. I woke up around 1 and just looked outside and admired the wonderful-ness of the day thinking "Why am I inside?" Wispy, white clouds were floating so gently in the clear blue sky, the sun was shining brightly, but not too hot, and it was quiet and peaceful. I've been breathing artificial, stale, inside air for the past week, only going outside (in and out of a car) to go fix my grandparents' computers. So after eating delicious corn muffin pancakes, and after lazying around for about an hour or so, mother and I took a little walk to the gas station to pick up the Sunday paper and some ice to make smoothies. No Sunday periodicals left for us, only El Nuevo Herald.

So we get home and I pull my Magic Bullet out of the garage, which I haven't used since around Christmas and start crushing the ice. Turns out that it isn't the best ice crusher. Now I really want one of those neat-o ice shavers. I have this thing with ice. I love the restaurants that have the tiny tiny ice cubes! So...I stick the ice in a baggie and smash it with a hammer, and then put it in the Magic Bullet to finely shave it, mix the rest of the ingredients in, and enjoy my delicious icee. Upon tasting it, my mother exclaims that I didn't follow the instructions for Mock 7-11 Slurpees at all, which I didn't, but it was still delicious. She went on to make her own with the leftover ingredients, following the instructions exactly...but mine was still better!

Much to her surprise, I actually washed all of the remaining dishes from the morning, without being asked. Yeah, I don't know where the weird behavior came from, but it felt good to do something that was appreciated. I meant to do some laundry and other stuff too, but eh...that's too much laboring for one day.

19 days 'til I leave for CMU!

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