Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Battle with Laziness

I have come to face it, I am a lazy teenager. I'd like to make that a thing of the past. I hate this aspect of myself. I really am a good student. Everyone thinks so, but I could do SO much better. Of course this was inspired by my horrible report card. This 3.8 isn't sitting too well with me, and neither is sinking to #22. Out of the top ten, out of the top twenty, sunken into mediocrity. Yeah, it's bothering me. I am not incompetent, I am capable of great success, I am Noelle. I don't feel like Noelle. At least this Noelle is ashamed of that Noelle.

I suppose that this is only bothering me because I know that it is my fault, and my fault is the result of laziness. Straight A's 1st semester, 4.56 GPA. Absolutely amazing. A D is now burning, imprinted into my 2nd semester report card, along with a 3.8. A fucking B+ in Chemistry. SOO close to an A, what the fuck happened! It was supposed to average out into an A! Let's just say I hate group projects, especially when there is a presentation involved. I can only blame myself for the Pre-Calc grade. Lack of homework really hurt grades during Jan-March. This whole situation is all my fault, and it sucks, major.

It's time to re-prioritize. Robotics is no longer #1. No extra-curricular will ever be, never again. I will no longer let the constant January - April stress caused by this...thing, effect my academic performance. It's really not worth it. Procrastination is a bitch. A bitch that deserves to die! I think I might kill her. There's no time for her interference. Priority ranking has greatly shifted:
  1. Academic Concentration - in school stuff, actually do all homework this year
  2. SAT & ACT Prep - starting this summer, hopefully I'll be prepared for the November SAT and ACT in the Spring
  3. Extra AP Practice/Prep - also starting this summer, continuing year round
  4. Robotics - I'll try to put forth the same effort, but I'll no longer sacrifice school work for this
  5. Any other EC/activity - SECME, NTHS, and whatever else I'm involved in
  6. Free time - with 4 AP's and robotics...HA!

I'm not too worried about Junior year at all. I learn from my mistakes and try not to make the same ones again. I hate being a disappointment to myself more than anything else. I think everything will be fine for next year. Except for Calculus, my only worry. I've been good at math forever, then I get to Pre-Calculus and die. Same teacher, not too fond of the teaching approach, but it's what I have to deal with for the next two years. I plan to review my precalc work later this summer, and then get a head start on Calc for next year. I've been doing some Physics prep for the past few weeks, and hopefully the course at CMU will be a great intro for the year. Everything else should be a breeze.

On a lighter, less stressful note, I leave for CMU in 11 days. Less than 2 weeks! Wowzers! I have indexed most of the clothes that I own. I know that I'm missing a ton of stuff though, as I've only categorized the 4 loads that I washed this weekend. This should help with my packing/organizational lists. It's as simple as Drag & Drop, or Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. I should have the boxes ready to ship for Monday or Wednesday, the latest. Still need to buy a fan and a laptop sleeve. Maybe a small mirror if I see one. Only 10 days, 22 hours, and 9 minutes until my 5:38am flight to Atlanta, then Pittsburgh, takes off!!!!!

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