Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another Boring Tuesday

Only an hour and 47 minutes into Tuesday and it is already turning out to be quite a boring day. All of the excitement and energy from the last few days has packed themselves into a car and drove home this morning, arriving there about an hour ago. It's the loner's corner for me for the next month or so...

My level of internal excitement has been at it's highest for the last week or so. The end of the school year always brings a great amount of stress, yet there are still mixed feelings. Goodbye to all of my senior friends; Evan, Matt, and Shara, you will be missed. I'm a junior now ('09 w00t w00t! I totally lack spirit lol), which brings on the excitement (or not) of 5 AP courses and exams, and of course the lovely ACT and SAT! Robotics has died temporarily. I doubt anything will happen over the summer since a lot of people will be traveling and such. I guess I'm officially the team leader now, but that won't matter until August. We'll start doing CPR and turn on the defibrillator then. None of the other positions have been released yet. That leaves me all summer, uninterrupted, to brew up more sinister plans for next year!

Forgetting school and such, CMU is really the increment factor in internal excitement levels. I get to learn over the summer. Yay! I rarely get to learn at school. Perhaps more than actually getting accepted and being there, I am flattered with the process of going there. I LOVE airplanes and airports. A new airport at that! I've never been to Pennsylvania before. State #8 (hey that rhymes!) for me. Airports are so fascinating. I have this thing with people on a mission, going places...you know, like seeing a row of school buses pull in a school, people driving around before a hurricane. The underground train in ATL is cool...and fast. Too bad I probably won't get to ride it. If I get a chance during my layover I'll ride it to one concourse over lol. The part to top it all off is walking through the jet way. Flying is fun, but there is so much more to the experience than just sitting in a plushy chair in a pressurized metal tube a few thousand feet in the sky for a few hours. The smell, sounds, and the sights of walking into the terminal is more than exciting. It's impossible for me to remember my first time on a plane, but I can remember always taking notice to these things. Every trip has always been amazing, more so the weird trips, like when we were on standby passes in Miami and we ended up going all the way to West Palm Beach, or when Santa Claus was on the plane back in 93. In Las Vegas this year with robotics when we were playing Home Alone coming back, with all of the confusion thinking that we would miss the plane, I was most alert. I noticed everything as we ran by. The slot machines next to the coffee shop, the odd placement of the stairs, the security lines and the people checking and going through them, the doors on the train, the walls, the ceiling...everything. Haha, yeah I looked like a tourist. Aside from my little air travel aside, I also have been making lists. Tons of lists, with sublists. Like 12. Packing lists, shipping lists, washing lists, purchasing lists, organizational lists (a bit redundant, eh?), a list of lists, and the oh-so infamous to-do list. They have yet to be digitized. Some time this week I'll sit down for about an hour, put them in Excel, color code everything, print them out, stick 'em on the wall, and begin actually accomplishing the tasks on the lists.

Yesterday my 9-year-old little cousin called me boring. She was saying it out of spite at first because I felt like reading Gizmodo on my computer instead of playing Disney Channel games. Then she started rambling on about how "Noellie sits at the couch all day with her headphones on and her computer only doing boring stuff like reading stuff and typing fast and being boring!" I played along sarcastically, though it kinda got to me. Am I really boring? Is increasing the depths of your knowledge considered to be boring by the standards of a 9 year old? When I was 9 I wished for more to learn, if only I knew then how much more I could find on the internet than those lame kiddie science sites. Whatever. Maybe I am boring by society's standards of an average teenager. Haha do I get any penalties for infraction?

25 days 'til I leave for SAMS! 76 days 'til school starts.

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