Sunday, June 17, 2007

T-minus 13 days

Yes, less than 2 weeks left. Still a ton of stuff to do. Everything is slowly starting to come together. My mother has taken off quite a few days in the next two weeks to help me prepare, so I get to spend time with my mommy. Yay! 4 loads of laundry done in the last two days, 2 more to go. I've washed almost ALL of my clothes. Amazing.

Target is absolutely an amazing place. Although I didn't expect to find a laptop lock in there (which I didn't), they have everything. And anything. I can never leave target with only one thing. There is always a need. "Shampoo on the clearance rack? With a bonus travel conditioner free too!? Oh I just have to get that! Wait...they have conditioner on sale too? 2.50!? Hell yeah!" WOAH WTF!!...I'm at my grandparents' and the newspaper just arrived. Scared the hell out of me. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was the newspaper and not someone trying to break in. Enough to get my heart rate up a bit. But I finally got that metal ruler that I wanted. Now I can make decent perspective drawings!

My mother bought me new luggage on Tuesday. Killer sale. Nice $200 5-piece luggage set for only $50. I really like bags. Bags of all types. I was the kid with 1000 bookbags. I'd get a bag in the summer, promising to use it the whole school year, only to find another cool one around January. I've had my current book bag for a whole year and a half now, which is a long time for me, but I actually like this one. It's gotten the most mileage, by far, from the store to my house to Ft. Lauderdale(school) to Orlando to South Carolina to Atlanta to Jamaica to Grand Cayman to Las Vegas and to Pittsburgh next! Besides the good ol' trusty Jansport, my new luggage is great. Most people could care less about luggage, but I could care more, if that sounds right? It's a dark gray color and has great wheels, zippers, handles, and everything! It even has that new luggage smell! I don't know why simple things are so exciting to me. I'll just bask in my luggage loving alone, since no one else cares. I still need a nice beach/pool/outside/wherever tote bag. Target had some nice ones, but I'll see what other stores have to offer before the indecisive Noelle can make a final purchasing decision.

The Saturday after next, this time, I should be on a plane to Atlanta, which should connect me to another flight to Pittsburgh. 13 days! It's oh-soooo close. Anticipation is a bitch.

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