Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday, August 3, 2007 - T-minus 8 Days

This is somewhat a reversal of this post. 8 days left until I am back in sunny probably rainy and humid Florida. It is HOT in Pittsburgh. The cool breezes just suddenly dissipated and this hotness is the only thing left. I went to Lucci's earlier today and stopped by Rite Aid to get some batteries for my iFan. Batteries are expensive! I had no idea, since I rarely use them, but 5 bucks for some generic AAs seemed quite ridiculous.

In Physics a few days ago we got these cool little desktop electronics kits to work with for the next chapter out of our new "textbook". We're doing little electricity experiments, stuff that I did in 3rd grade, but it is more conceptual now instead of just conducting the experiment. Amazing how many people don't know how electricity all...and are amazed by the concept of lighting a light bulb with batteries and few wires. WOW ::rollseyes:: We get to make a motor out of the parts in the end, so that should be cool. More suspicious items to take to the airport!

Man I need to pack! I just realized how much stuff I have, so much stuff I have gained. SO MANY BOOKS. BIG BOOKS. And I still haven't bought my obligatory Carnegie Mellon T-Shirt. At Junior Assembly they suggested that we all take the 28X if we're flying out, regardless of how much luggage we have, and they'll try to coordinate something to help us (and our luggage) get over there to the bus stop ALL the way on Forbes & Morewood. Hmmm...should be interesting. I have to figure out a way to get all of this stuff to the post office. They close at 5. Projects end at 5. Interesting.

Speaking of projects, A+ on the latest math project. The only A. I worked hard, well not really, it just took some time. Group work/projects still suck. I could have done it lightyears faster, with better structure, but whatev, it's still an A. I tried editing, but I stopped myself a few times from rewriting the whole thing. The thing that gets to me about these projects is the simplicity of ALL of them. Most of them require little math. It is just a matter of properly displaying the information and analyzing it. It's not that hard, but apparently a ton of people miss it! Frustrating. But I don't care anymore :). It's over! I just have to finish Cog now and do that final MIT project thinger (with the group, maybe).

AHHH 1 more week, so much work...I wanna go to the beach!

To Do Before I Leave:
  • finish Cog
  • start/finish MIT Powerpoint/Poster/Presentation
  • work on Electronics project
  • get a CMU T-Shirt
  • go back to the Waterfront
  • get Lucci's once more
  • find out where the Post Office in the UC is
  • become a Master Student (oh wait, I can''s a journey! -_-)
  • pack!
  • go to Century III and get more shoes
  • eat at the Cafe as little as possible
  • ::irony:: start my MITES '08 application (jk, but I will do it in Oct.)
Oh yeah, the last SAT is tomorrow. I wish there was a smilie for the expression that is on my face right now.

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