Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day as a Junior sucks

The Schedule:
1st Semester
Trigonometry (Duoyon); Calculus (Simmons)
Electronic Tech 2 (Euler)
Multimedia Productions (Calder); AP Psychology (Lacroix)
Interactive Design (Calder)

2nd Semester
AP Physics B
AP Eng. Lang & Comp
Research V
AP US History

There are only two things that need to change this time. Since I've already taken Algebra II and Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry is just like a step back. Calculus is offered that block, so I'll switch to that instead. Uh-oh, there looks to be a repeat. I took Multimedia Productions, the second level Multimedia class, last year, but it appears to be on my schedule again. I found out from Emile and Gustavo that AP Psychology is offered 3rd block, so I'll take that instead. I was going to wait until my senior year, but why not now. Yup, that means 5 APs. I think I can handle it. I suppose I'll need to learn the time management/study skills for college. But the 3 APs during the robotics season just makes me cringe every time I look at my schedule.

A brief synopsis of the day...

Trig - This class pretty much sucked all around. If this was two years ago, I might have enjoyed it, but the fact that I knew every answer, and possibly all the material in the book made it a bore. I like triangles, but not enough to do a whole class on them when the material was already covered in Geometry and Pre-Calc. We did some work from an Algebra II book that I did in 7th grade. Gotta get out of this class.

Electronics 2 - Euler was being himself again. Looks like an interesting course, hopefully the stuff I learned in Electronics during SAMS will help. We didn't really do anything today because all of the computers weren't completely set up, so we ended up just talking about politics and current events and news stuff.

Lunch - There are only 2 lunch blocks this year instead of 3, so of course it seemed more crowded than usual. The Freshmen didn't look as lost this year, but they always seemed to be in the way just wandering around lol. Hopefully it'll settle down as the year progresses. DJ and I went to visit Ms. Theiss, but our visit was almost foiled by security. One of the ladies puts out both of her arms and stops us in our tracks, "Yall in lunch now?" "Yeah." "Well this ain't last year. Yall ain't finna be walkin' 'round here like dat no mo. Uh-uh!" So we turn around, walk through the cafeteria, and around the other side of the school to another staircase. A very effective security plan they have there. We catch up with Ms. Theiss and time flies by so quickly before 3rd block begins.

Multimedia Productions - As usual, it doesn't matter what the course title says in Calder's class. There are always these crazy discussions about something that pertains to the Internet, usability, open source, Web 2.0, or something else of the sort. Today was no different. Mr. Calder is still hilarious lol. Although I already took the course, it wasn't like a repeat of anything old. I'm still switching out, as the credit would be useless.

Interactive Design - This was pretty much a continuation of the discussion from Multimedia Productions but with a different twist and another source of material. Towards the end, guess who shows up? Gustavo. I hadn't seen him all day since the missing-from-the-list situation in the morning, and I thought he disappeared into the Abyss of Dillard Confusion or something. Talking to enough people today and we've finally "cracked" the schedule, basically figuring out what is when and taught by whom...all within the first few hours of school. Last year it took about a week, but we're getting better lol.

I hope I can get my schedule changed ASAP tomorrow. Can't stand another minute in Trig and I can't wait to get to AP Psych.

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