Sunday, August 12, 2007


The title is pretty self-explanatory, but I'm now back home in hot, humid, and sticky Florida.

The last days of SAMS were quite busy. Thursday was an insane day. It poured like crazy, but I still had to mail off my boxes. So I stuck one of the boxes in my suitcase, covered my suitcase with my poncho, and put on my big yellow rain jacket and rolled it down to the Post Office in the UC. For the second box, Jehrmel gave me a ride over to the Post Office since he had to drop off his dry cleaning, which I was so thankful for. But of course, then it stopped raining. Clipper Ship ended up getting cancelled due to weather.

They planned a semi-formal in Rangos with Pre-College, though I opted out and spent most of my time in the CMARC office finishing up the electronics project. Later on there was supposed to be food and movies around 11 in the lounge, so I packed until then, not really getting much done. Around 11, people started trickling back into the dorm and getting anxious. They said that there would be pizza, but we had no idea. Around 11:30 a few delivery guys walked in with 8 HUGEMONGOUS pizzas. I have never seen a pizza so large in my life. We had to wait until about 12 until we could eat though because there were wings and other stuff on the way. The pizza was pretty good to have been such a large size, but the wings were really spicy and ended up burning my mouth like crazy; it still stings now. We watched a few movies too. Shooter was better than I expected. Muhammed announced curfew for the last time after the movie, although it was something like 2am anyway. I went back up and attempted packing, but I didn't finish because I was really tired.

The Symposium went really well. The luncheon was very nice, with way better food. Did they do this to provide some type of false image to the parents? Imani gave a rather humorous introduction and Jordan gave a very touching speech, starting the rolling of tears for the day. I don't know how many times the word "profin" was used throughout the day. They played a slideshow towards the end, which was a mixture of sentimental and funny, very funny, memories. And stole some of my pics from Facebook! But as Damian said later, "Anything you put on the Internet is..." They gave out the awards and T-Shirts last before the closing remarks and acknowledgement of the instructors and RAs.

My electronics project was first, which went very smoothly. JD was in and out since he had another project, but I was able to hold down the fort. The math projected ended early, within like 15 minutes, and there were a few light questions, but overall still great. After the Symposium came to an end, everyone gathered in the hallway saying their goodbye to those that were leaving early. It was unbelievable seeing some of the people that cried, including a few tears from myself, but I suppose it is natural. It was kind of hard to let go.

Back at the dorm after everyone that was leaving that day left, we sat around the lounge looking depressed and tired. A bunch of people went out to see Rush Hour 3, and a few of us stayed in and ordered Chinese. I wouldn't say it was the best, but it was free and it wasn't from the Cafe. We watched Deja Vu, which turned out to be a pretty awesome movie. Pride and the Matrix were on later, but I only saw bits and pieces as I would often run upstairs and pack for a few and then come back down.

Saturday morning was a pretty depressing. There were messages written in chalk all over the walls from the previous day and lots of empty rooms. In the lounge, a bunch of people were still sleeping in chairs all over the place, even on a matress parked right in front of the TV on the floor. Some were half awake watching Deja Vu again. As I was leaving, about 5 other people were leaving. A large group of people gathered to say goodbye and help us out before we left, and the hallway was just the saddest thing, especially with all of the tears and people on each side giving their last hugs and goodbyes. I can't really explain well, but it was just...sad. It was depressing just to walk through there.

About 4 of us were taking the 8:30am 28X to the airport, and Sheun and Wilburg helped us carry/roll our things out to the bus stop across campus. The bus was already parked there, about 10 minutes early, and we left right on time, although a few Pre-College kids almost missed it. The bus became pretty crowded, but not packed, and it was about an hour ride to the airport. I was loving my pillow then, as I fell asleep for a large portion of the ride. When we got there we saw TJ going through security, and another group of about 3 others that left a little while before us. Check in was no problem, except the fact that my bag was 11 pounds overwieght. $25 charge. Oh well, life goes on. That reminds me that I never got my $15 refund from Clipper Ship. Maybe they'll mail it back?

The security looked really long, but we got through there in less than 15 minutes. We met up with Jennifer and her mom around the same time. A fun train ride over and we were at the airmall. A quick lunch a McDonalds with their delicious Sweet Tea (a new favorite) and we were all on our seperate ways. My flight was 30 minutes after most of theirs, so I just hung out in their concourses for a while and we rode the people movers a few times.

When I got to my Gate, C54, who do I spot again? Tommye and Indy. Turns out that they are on the same flight back. There was another offer since the flight was overbooked, but with only 1 free roundtrip ticket, soon upgraded to 2, although I wouldn't get back to Ft. Lauderdale until 10:30pm and I'd be trapped in Pittsburgh until 6:30. The 3 people ended up not checking in and the offer was taken away. Smooth flight to ATL, I slept most of the way. When I got there, I got to ride the train over to concourse D, although it took me a while to figure out that you have to walk behind the esalators to get to the concourse going the other direction. They started boarding for the flight to FLL almost as soon as I got there, even though it was like an hour before take off. I was so tired that I fell asleep right after talking to Gustavo before taking off. I missed takeoff! I was sitting next to a family with a baby, who was a good baby at first, then a temporarily stinky baby, then a playful touchy baby, and then a loud singing baby. I pretended not to mind being touched. Perhaps I should be more personable?

It was HOT in Florida. I could feel all 96 degrees when I stepped off the plane. We got $25 for the missing rivet/hole/tear in the luggage, but nothing for the rip in the larger bag. Whatever, it was still half the price of the luggage set.

I'm glad to be back home, but I still miss SAMS. Now there are other things on my, ugh.

Pictures from Thursday are here and pictures from the Symposium and the rest of Friday and Saturday are here.

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