Friday, August 24, 2007

deep breath...hold it...sigh

The first week of school is over. Yay!

I saw house 3121 on the bus the way home from school today. Pretty awesome, I might try to snap a picture one of these days.

School is moving along pretty quickly. It's becoming monotonous so quickly though. We've gotten through Chapter 1 in AP Psych already -- exam on Tuesday, and through Chapter P in Calc. with a little quiz today. There haven't been any ridiculous happenings's still early.

Yesterday Mr. Calder briefly mentioned this new programming environment for kids, Sketch Scratch. It was absolutely absurd that I kept calling it Sketch for most of the day, even spending 10 minutes googling it and not finding anything until I remembered that it was called Scratch. There were a few of us that looked it up today and got hooked. They have a cool community set up on the site for developers to interact and evaluate each others' material. That basically meant that we played stupid games that some elementary school kids probably made for about a half hour. Eventually I downloaded the program and see what I could make myself. Inspired by Gustavo's spinny cat, I made something similar, basically purposeless. It was fun to play with, but realistically, this is a great tool. It is a basic programming environment that can help link to something much bigger. Also heard that it's going on the OLPC.

Yeah, so why are we playing with kiddie software and games? Yesterday Calder offered us the option of designing a whole module of tutorials, etc. for extra credit, or an A in the class or something if it was good quality and then something about submitting it to Nick Negroponte or who ever that guy with the OLPC is... it seems interesting.

Robotics is starting up soon. I wonder how big the turnout will be this year...

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