Monday, December 31, 2007

"Get Serious" Week

As much as I have enjoyed playing Guitar Hero III hours on end, it's time to get back in the swing of things academically, which is why I have deemed this week "Get Serious Week". I have a bunch of stuff to do, and I think only organization will help me finish all of these tasks. So far, I have:
  • AP Psych Packets
  • Interactive Design Project
  • Study for Calc Final
  • Study for AP Psych final
  • Prepare for robotics kickoff
  • MITES application
  • WTP application
  • CMU AP/EA application
I'm in a positive and very optimistic mood, so I'm ready to get to work and get all of this done. I've relaxed and played around enough. Another reason that I'm probably so relaxed is because my hair isn't that of a wild beast. This is the straightest that my hair has ever been, and I love it. The only thing is that if there was one day where I wish that I could've understood Spanish, today would have been that day. Doesn't it always feel as if you're being talked about when people are conversing in another language right in front of you? Regardless, we'll be back there next month because my hair looks great and I'm happy with it! It feels so light and airy. Most of you probably won't recognize me at kickoff on Saturday or at school on Monday. Goodbye poofy ponytail!

On Thursday night my family went out to Grand Lux Cafe. For those of you that don't know, Grand Lux is The Cheesecake Factory's more sophisticated cousin. We have been several times in the past, and there has never been a single thing about that restaurant that I have disliked. I wasn't that hungry when we arrived, but even getting something as light as a salad was a huge meal.

ARGGH! feed me!

Their Caesar salad consisted of an ENTIRE head of romaine lettuce with grilled chicken and thinly sliced and toasted pieces of bread tossed with a generous load of creamy dressing. It was delicious, but too awkward to eat in a restaurant. I barely finished 1/4 of it, and I took the rest home to enjoy barbarically with my fingers. If we're going for a special occasion, we usually order their delicious Rustic Apple Pie, but this time we ordered to go from their dessert bar. They have these huge mini (quite the oxymoron, eh?) lemon meringue pie/tarts that are amazingly delicious. They have to tape two boxes together in order to delicately fit it in. The meringue is 6 inches high!

absolutely delicious

I suppose tomorrow marks the unofficial end of my Winter Break. It was fun while it lasted! See everyone in 2008; Happy New Year!

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