Sunday, December 16, 2007

ACT Scores Released Early!

There was a little hack on College Confidential on how to access your scores early. It wouldn't work through the normal login, but there was a little workaround involving adding your registration number to a different link. I was so shocked to see the thread "December Scores Are Out!!!!111one1!!" My heart was racing from the time I saw it, until about 45 minutes later, which was five minutes ago. Yes, I have just calmed down.

edit: writing scores added

The Verdict:
English: 29
Math: 27
Reading: 32
Science: 25
Writing: 10
Combined E/W: 29
Composite: 28

All of these scores are out of 36. I got exactly what I expected, but the distribution was a little different than what I thought it would be. I hoped to do better on English, but apparently Reading is where I shined. Gotta bring up math and science! Writing scores have yet to be released. Actually, the site said that all Multiple Choice scores should be out between Dec. 19-21, so perhaps that's when I'll receive my writing score. Definitely must retake. Now back to those summer program apps...


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