Friday, December 7, 2007

ACT Tomorrow

At school today they held a little thinger for the A Honor Roll students. Around 2:15 they called for everyone from the list to be dismissed from their classes and report to the black box. There were about 100-200 people in the recital hall. The principal spoke, saying the same ol' stuff about the best of the best, etc. We all proceeded to the black box where we were given cookies and ribbons with loud music playing in the background. Everyone was in little groups along the walls, it was so stereotypical. Lovely.

I really haven't studied much for the ACT, but I think I'll do well enough. I went through one practice test and all of their little strategies, also doing a few questions out of my huge book every now and then. I got a 41/45 on the last English review I did, so I have a little confidence, but I'm not overconfident (good, that always fails). I need to have a bonfire at the end of my senior year to get rid of all these SAT/ACT/AP prep books. Plantation High at 8am tomorrow...

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