Friday, November 2, 2007

So my iPod thinks that it's Jesus...

It's been resurrected, except this time, it is being really buggy, with sudden shut-offs, random low-battery warnings, daily freezings, and syncing issues every 5 seconds. Oh still plays music.

Oh Noel, why did you disappoint me? You were supposed to be the one that came and gave us at least one hurricane day this season. It doesn't look like there'll be any more hurricane days for 2007. If so, it better get itself here in the next 29 days. What a tease.

So apparently I have astigmatism, which makes switching over to contacts a little* more expensive. We went to get glasses on Wednesday, too late for an appointment, so I am rescheduled for Saturday. When she pulled up my records when we asked about contacts, the nurse/assistant/desk person said "oh, she has astigmatism, so it'll cost more!" Um, I don't remember ever being told that at the last eye exam. Whatever. I like glasses. The ones that I am getting are more square and silvery with pink on the inside. Yes, pink.

*a lot

Yay, it's Friday! I just need to get through that AP Psych test and my school day will be over. Not really, but no more hard thinking after 3rd block.

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