Monday, November 5, 2007

::ding dong::

Get the's Domino's.

I love ordering Domino's pizza online. I get great offers to my email, and as I expected, the two free Coke Zeros with the 'blitz' promotion could be changed to any type of soda instead of that diet stuff. It's on the way now.

I recieved an interesting piece of mail today from Apparently I'm a semi-finalist in one of their monthly competitions for a chance to win $1,000 or $10,000! Along with being a semi-finalist for competition, the poem is also being published (with a whole page to itself!). I didn't really plan to enter the contest, I was doing it out of boredom as a step as a part of a larger contest (which I eventually gave up on). I think I wrote this one in like less than a minute, and completely forgot afterwards. It was titled "Free Money" and was about how I longed for finally winning one of those contests and doing so by some way of getting beyond the advertising tricks. OH THE IRONY! In the back of my mind something tells me that this is some type of scam, but it seems legit. It's on their site, but I've reproduced it here:

Oh I wish I could have free money
Some of the offers on this site are rather funny
When my prizes arrive
It was worth the strive
Haha I tricked those stupid advertising dummies!

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Gentlemenk said...

lol, interesting limerick. Have you created any other poems?