Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Phone + ACT

Samsung SYNC
It's finally here. Arrived on Tuesday, but we didn't activate them until Thursday. Apparently, I'm about to have another common phone, as it's on the front page of AT&T's site, and promoted with almost every new offer. It is a little bigger (length wise) than I thought, but I still like it. There aren't any overwhelming features, just the standard 3G camera phone with video, bluetooth, built in music player, and all that jazz. The interface reminds me of using a Mac with the animated icons, gradients everywhere, and a fluid display, though it may get annoying after a while. Hopefully not.

One downside to my new phone is that it doesn't come with all of the wonderful things to make it function as an iPod replacement. Silly Noelle, did I really think it would? Newegg has 2GB MicroSD cards for $19.99, so I'll order that from there, but I still have to get my headphones directly from Samsung or AT&T since the phone has a Samsung exclusive jack. Lame. I even can't use my lovely Sony ones anymore, oh well.

My ACT book should also be on the way soon. It shall consume my interest until Dec. 8 or I until master all of the material, which ever comes first. I'm not really worried about the ACT, but I would like to do well on my first try and get it over with.

Under 'What to Take to the Test Center', the ACT site states that mechanical pencils are prohibited. WHAT!? I asked my fellow compulsive College Confidential community and many people reassured me that it was okay, though there are some myths about cheating and scanning tests with special mechanical pencils. Sure.

I haven't bought regular pencils in a few years. I remember early on in like 1st grade I was one of the only kids with a mechanical pencil and everyone though it was so cool. Now I've developed a strong preference and I love the constant sharpness, the different styles of pencils, and the even and lightweight feel when I am writing (even though I still prefer pen over pencil). Pencil sharpeners seem so inconvenient now. I think I'll at least use a mechanical pencil on the writing section.

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