Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dorky Moments

I was just thinking about some of the ridiculously dorky things that I've done in the past few years. I think that I've finally embraced my inner-dork, well, I always have, but I's just gotten so severe in the past 2 years! Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Last Weekend: I was at Publix pushing a shopping cart down the aisle. Every now and then, the shopping cart would veer off the straight path and make jerky movements when trying to turn it. My first thought: "Man the software on this cart sucks! It needs a new gyro or some better software!"

Always: Most 2-4 digit numbers always equate to FIRST team numbers in my head. I don't know why, but once in Chemistry last year I balanced an equation to have 19O2 on one side, and yelled out "Exploding Bacon!" Also, anytime the word 'first' it used, I see it as FIRST.

Today: My mother said that there was a new processor on sale somewhere. I asked her why she needed new computer parts. She was actually talking about a food processor.

There is a thread on Chief Delphi titled "You know you're overdosed on FIRST when..." and is like 49 pages long, going on since May 2006! I've posted on it twice already. Here are some of my posts:

...when the only jokes that you talk about are inside jokes from robotics
...when there is a multiple choice question on a test and you are very inclined to bubble your team number or a familiar team's number even though it is the wrong answer
...when you annoy people by reciting team names when you see their numbers realize that you wore all FIRST shirts the week after the Championship for no apparent reason
...your family alerts you when they see anything remotely related to robotics on the news do the math!
...when explaining something you can always somehow relate it to robotics are already planning on how to revolve your schedule next year around robotics
...when you have two years left and you are already sad about having to leave spend half of your Pre-Calculus class talking about robotics with the teacher and the rest of the class hoping to recruit new members
...the next week, you again spend about 15 minutes of the same class comparing why students should come to robotics in the fall rather than hassling with marching band tryouts/workouts all summer realize that you wrote all of your essays for a summer program about robotics and weirdness...and it worked! can finally talk about robotics in your German/English class without annoying the teacher insert "If you were in robotics, you would know what we were talking about..." regularly into conversation to spark interest

Okay, I've got an interesting one...

This past weekend I was booking travel accomodations for when I go to CMU this summer. After booking my plane ticket I was searching for ground transportation from the airport to campus on the Port Authority website. Under the bus section I see Rack N' Roll under their customer info section and immediately think "OMG they have a FIRST bus! I must get on it! I don't care where it takes me!!" I click on the link...turns out that it is just the name of their program where you can put your bike on the front of the bus.

Daily: I read A LOT of tech blogs/feeds, MIT Admissions Blogs, College Confidential, various college websites, Wired, Robot, and PopSci magazines with a passion. I find guys with glasses attractive, I like measuring things, origami, and I build robots...'nuf said.

This summer: I spent a few days youtubing topics like 'Math Rap', 'Science Song', 'AP Classes', 'Physics Experiments', 'MIT' and of course 'FIRST Robotics' everyday. As of last week, I can now understand everything in the amazing 'This is Calculus' video!

A few weeks ago I discovered nerdcore, as a genre. I knew of some dorky songs, but I didn't know that there was a WHOLE GENRE! Best thing is that that most of the music is free, and I actually understand it!

And the fact that I actually thought "Hmmm, I should make a post about how dorky I am!" a few days ago...

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this post made me laugh the most!

Oh and your video on YouTube at CMU in your Physics class, making up a rap song..