Tuesday, November 20, 2007

(Last) Weekend

Lego League
As far as competition went, we (the crew) all encountered the same ol' issues with parent and coach confrontations. Seriously, they need to back off and let the kids have fun. It's still great to return year after year and see what younger minds have been inspired, in spite of their little-league-esque coaches. I really need to mentor a team for next year. Pictures here. (I was too lazy to upload or link all of them to blogger)

Marcus' Party
Mmm DS Cake!

Everyone was so surprised to hear that I'd never been to Dave & Busters before. It's a cool place, but for some reason I still like Gameworks better. D & B has a better everything-in-one atmosphere with the large food/bar and restaurant scene, billiards, and party rooms galore. Perhaps I'm just more used to Gameworks and disappointed that D & B didn't have DDR, but Pump It Up instead and no other rhythm games. Though D & B has more ticket yielding games and a much larger selection of prizes to choose, I couldn't find a single thing with my 612 tickets from the night. One highlight of the night was the 'Super Triva' game. Of course a group full of dorks was attracted to it! We probably played more than 10 matches, finally managing to synchronize our swipes to get a full amount of 6 people playing. It was hilarious to hear the moans when the spinner landed on the 'Sports' category, yet the cheers when it landed on 'Science'. Plus, it was an very high ticketing game. I won two matches, one worth 100 tickets, and the other only worth 70 because of a tie. I can make up for my lack of gaming skill with knowledge! Though I still own at Super Shot basketball. Good times. I need to get out more. Pics here.

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