Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Fun

Yesterday was absolutely awesome. I haven't had so much fun in quite a while. I met up with some friends to see Wall-E, but it was way more than just watching a movie...

Gameworks: while waiting for others to show up, Dom and I went to Gameworks for a quick game of DDR. After playing just one game (3 rounds), we were exhausted. There were some lame kids hogging the "good" machine with the more sensative pads, so we used the other machine and I practically killed my feet/ankles wearing flip flops on the slippery, barely responsive pad.

Mall Wandering: I'm not really used to just wandering around the mall just for the hell of it, so it was kind of strange at first, but eventually I enjoyed not rushing around from store to store like we usually do. After about 30 minutes of walking around my feet started to feel the pain of playing DDR in such horrible conditions and wearing those cheap $3 Old Navy flip flops with absolutely no arch support whatsoever. Luckily there is a Target at Sawgrass and I didn't hesistate to get another pair of comfortable flip flops (I already have a pair of these, but you can never have to many!). I trashed the horrible Old Navy flip flops and our other friends arrived shortly after. We bought our tickets for Wall-E but had some time to spare, so we went back to Gameworks. Over an hour later and the same machine hogs were still there. After abusing my feet before, I was in no mood to play DDR again...but I did.

WALL-E: Is probably up near the top of my favorite movies now. I knew from the moment I saw the first trailer sometime last year that I would probably love this movie, but I had no idea it would be this great. The movie carried a great message about gluttony and the environment with a cute love story. The theme of Buy N' Large in the movie actually reminded me of the principles of the movie Idiocracy. I did sense a bit of irony watching everyone around the theater stuff their faces with oversized and overpriced food...I even had a gigantic wannabe Dr. Pepper. This movie is definitely reccommended and I'll probably have WAAALLL-EEEEE stuck in my head for a while. I'm probably going to see it again with my mom.

sitting on the WALL-E bench after the movie

Food: I haven't had Panda Express in a really long time. It was really good, but they were being cheap with their portions. I've never been able to finish a Panda Bowl in one sitting, except for today. Earlier in the day I had a Lemonade icee from Burger King. Carbonated sugary icee drinks are absolutely delicious. I don't know why I'm so addicted to sweet icy things, carbonation is just a nice extra.

Laser Quest: I've only been to Laser Quest once, and that was with camp about 8 years ago. I vaguely remembered it, but it was definitely 10x better this time around. Dominique works there so she had free passes to share (THANKS!). I chose the name "awesomeness" as an alias, but it somehow got entered as "awesomest" which was equally okay, I guess. We arrived just in time for the last game of the night. Our marshall, who I went to middle school with (just found out!), was very humorous and pretty up to date on Internet culture and kept the jokes coming the whole time. Into the airlock for briefing, strap on the packs, and the game is on! I definitely payed more attention to strategy and detail than when I played before, and it made the game seem so much more fun. 15 minutes felt like 5, but we were all drenched in sweat after the game ended. I ranked 18/29 with 6% accuracy, not tagging everyone that was playing. Regardless of score, it was still a great game and I had an amazing night with cool people.

The odd thing about summer is that I can go hours on end without saying a word or, often days without speaking (in person) to someone my own age, or even leaving the house for that matter ( I think my record was set last year with 10 days). I don't know why verbal communication sucks so much, but this was definitely a nice social break in the monotony of my individualistic summer lifestyle. I blame the's too addicting.


Piper said...

*waves* Hello, I spotted you on the admissions blogs =P. WALL-E! I've been wanting to see that... haven't yet, though =P

Vivi said...

Dude, I love your style of writing, mind if I added you to my blogroll or something? =)

And I totally related WALL-E to Idiocracy as well! I remember making a comment about it to one of my friends but they didn't quite understand the reference =/