Sunday, July 27, 2008


In the past three months, I've applied to more than a dozen, probably closer to two dozen, various corporations in hopes that they will accept me to exchange labor for US currency. I have not gotten a single offer or even response yet. Is it because I'm failing their stupid personality tests? Is it because I have no experience? Is it because I'm under 18? Is it because the economy sucks? WHAT IS IT?!

(Actually, I've gotten 2 responses that have said I'm too young, but otherwise nothing.)

I've figured that a lot of people will be quitting their summer jobs soon as school rolls around, but I'm still willing to work. Maybe this will increase my chances of getting an offer? This weekend I applied to four more places, hopefully I'll get a call or some type of response next week.

I'm a bit of the lazy type when I have nothing to do, which is most of the time. But when I do actually have work to accomplish, the laziness goes away and I feel productive, like I am actually earning my spot on the Earth. I decided in early 2008 that working would have several benefits. My main motivator is money...I want to buy things. Interacting with the public should help me in some way or another, whether I enjoy it or not. Also, having something other to do than sleep or goof off on the Internet when I come home from school should help me develop some time management skills, which are supposedly important. Someone hire me! Please?

(Ha, what are the chances of any potential employers reading this?)

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