Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again...

I don't know what's so captivating about ordinary movies and plays that just happen to have random outbursts of song and dance, but I absolutely love it. I have yet to see a musical that I have not liked (maybe I just have good taste in what I pick), Mamma Mia was no different!

My mom and I saw Mamma Mia at Sunrise Cinema 11, yes the theater that all the old people go to, on Sunday. I was surprised at how packed it was, wall to wall gray hair, saggy skin. I'm not used to actually sitting next to strangers without a 1-seat separation at the movies. We arrived relatively early, but the theater became packed very quickly. It was opening weekend, so I suppose crowds were to be expected, though it wasn't that crowded when we went to see Hancock on the 4th. The 20 minutes waiting for the lights to dim down seemed like the longest 20 minutes in my life, with the same E! and Coke trivia and celebrity quotes playing over and over and over and over and over again. Eventually the movie began, but there were no previews! Just dumb, really dumb commercials. This isn't how I wanted to start a potentially great movie.

Despite the lame setting, the movie was absolutely awesome! I won't spoil it for anyone that is reading and wants to see it. Unlike all the other musicals turned movies that I had seen previously, I didn't really know the storyline behind this one ahead of time, so it made it even more interesting. I got that same feeling of wanting to dance along while the catchy, upbeat songs were playing, and the jittery sing-along feeling after the movie just as I had after seeing RENT, Dreamgirls, and the good Disney movies from back in the day. The same omg-I-have-to-buy/download-the-soundtrack feeling. I always love a movie that makes me want to cry one moment and laugh the next. Speaking of crying, there was an old guy sitting next to us seriously crying during the wedding scene. I could not get over that. I know, laughing at old people is horrible.

So while we're on the topic of musicals, I was thinking about how awesome it was to see The Lion King, Live! last year when it came to The Broward Center. I don't think I was blogging back in May of 07, but the show was amazing. I might use the word amazing a lot, but this performance was just...woah. I was absolutely blown away and in awe throughout the entire show, from the musical arrangements, to the costumes, to the choreography, to the technical was all just marvelous (I'm running out of adjectives). Back from my little aside, I somehow ended up checking The Broward Center's calendar recently to see what's playing, and guess what is...Mamma Mia. I was excited just to see that it was coming next season, but what's even cooler is that the last show is on February 1, which happens to be my 18th birthday! Yay! So I hope no one asks what I want for my birthday/Christmas this year, because I just told you. Thanks! (I hope I don't sound like a brat) For some reason people tend to get upset when they ask me what I want for a gift and I never really have an answer.

Another little aside: Something similar happened 2 years ago when Prince came to town for the Superbowl halftime show. The night before he was having a concert at the Hollywood Hard Rock, which happened to be the day before my birthday. Sounds just perfect, huh? Well, we heard the promo on the radio around Christmas and tickets went on sale the next day. Guess what...the tickets were completely sold out in less than 2 hours...and the cheapie I-can-barely-see-the-stage seats were starting at $100+. Apparently most of the tickets were bought up way before they went on sale to the general public by NFL execs and the like. So that didn't quite work out. Hopefully there won't be such a craze to see Mamma Mia on MY birthday, especially since it'll be here for a few weeks.

♬ dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen ♪

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