Sunday, May 18, 2008

15 Minutes

From AP exams to cheesy award ceremonies to the daily trials and tribulations, this week has been exhausting. I really am beginning to just hate the school I go to. Before it was just a dislike and I blamed myself for choosing to go there, but now I realize this place is seriously dysfunctional. 1 more year...

Tuesday was the AP Psych exam. I haven't really touched the material since January, and I had a brief refresher in mid-April. The morning before the exam I flipped through every single chapter of the book, looking over vocab words and such, which helped a bit. It's quite a coincidence that the single concept that DJ and I would repeatedly quiz our friends on actually appeared on the exam as an FRQ -- Cognitive Dissonance. I think I might've finished that question in 15 minutes...which is good because I spent about 30 on the other.
Me: Hey [person], are you ready for AP Psych?
Person: Yeah, I think so...
Me: What's cognitive dissonance then?
Person: uhhhhh??
Me: [explains]
This happened at least 3 or 4 times with about 3 different people. We joked about it after the exam (of course after the 48-hour limit :P). And no, I knew nothing about any exam materials before I saw them, please do not investigate my exam or call the Office of Testing Integrity. I guess College Board and I are even now for that horrible Vietnam essay in APUSH.

I wasn't really worried about English since I knew that you can't really study for the AP Lang exam. You either know it or you don't, and you pull from everything that you have learned to form logical conclusions. What I was more worried about was actually being able to take the exam. Somehow, there was an error on the school's behalf and they completely forgot to order my exam...only my exam. I have been registered in the course since the beginning of the school year, my teacher rechecked the list back in March, and I even went to the pre-registration. Exam day, I arrive and my name is not on the list. The guidance counselors there were quick to make it seem like it was my fault and turn me away before attempting to come up with a solution. They made it seem like I wouldn't be able to take the exam at all. I was forced to leave my seat and stand by a door while they "sorted things out". While the exam materials were being organized, one counselor went back to the office to check the validity of my enrollment, to no surprise was no different from what I told them. They then called my teacher, attempting to place the blame on her, but she also had the proof that she confirmed my name on an earlier list. Apparently my name magically disappeared somewhere in the process. I was told that I would just have to take the exam on May 21 and there would be a slight chance that someone wouldn't show up and there would be an extra exam, but it seemed unlikely as more people began trickling in. I was absolutely pissed. I didn't have anything for school that day, so I would be screwed in all of the rest of my classes and completely alone in English, besides the fact that I spent the entire night studying. I don't thinking I can accurately describe how I felt at that point. After 15 minutes in limbo, they decided to close the doors and do the official count. LUCKILY, a few people didn't show up and there was an extra exam. I was still a bit on edge and in no mood to take an exam after that scare (I tend to worry a lot), but somehow I calmed myself down as he stated "You may now open Section I and begin working for the next...".

The MC section was quite delightful. MUCH easier than all the practice material that we'd been exposed to, and NO ROMAN NUMERAL QUESTIONS! Hopefully CB outlaws those forever...I have never gotten one of those correct...ever. On most practice exams I'd only get 50-60% correct, but I'm a little more confident about this test. The Free-Response section has been posted if anyone is interested. I didn't have trouble with any of them, but the last one reminded me of an FCAT prompt way too much. It actually forced you to qualify this year for the argument essay, which made the argument a bit forced. Most of the essays seemed quite one-dimensional. I'm thinking 7/7/6 for my scores, though I'll never know.

On Thursday I had to stay after school for a robotics meeting. We were doing interviews for managers/officers for next year, and the last one dragged on waayyyy longer than it should've, isolating all but two people from the discussion. I don't think anyone else cared about the difference between natural and non-natural characters or textures in an animation, but whatever. We eventually got out of there around 4:40pm and made a mad dash to McDonalds in less than 2 minutes (It typically takes around 5 minutes to walk there, longer if you get stopped at the light). There was a promotion going on that day where you got a free Southern Style Chicken Sandwich with the purchase of a medium or large drink. For some reason, they were extremely slow and we didn't get out of there until 4:55pm. Activity buses usually leave exactly at 5:00pm. Uh-oh. We practically ran back to the school to the bus loop, and everyone was walking around so nonchalantly, most of the drivers not even in their buses. After all of that rush, my bus wasn't even there! Actually, it never showed up. Buses began taking off around 5:15pm and soon there was an almost-empty lot. After talking with security and another nice bus driver for 15 minutes, there was a solution. People from my bus were split off to two empty buses with other people that were bus-less that afternoon. There was only one person on my bus, so I got home the same time that I normally would've.

I didn't get to eat anything I had until I got home, but it was pretty good for McDonald's. I was expecting a glorified McChicken, but it was actually real chicken breast with a tasty breading. Clearly a Chik-Fil-A knock-off, it comes close enough to give them a run for their money, but nothing like the original. Now I have something else to eat at McDonald's besides snack wraps. Despite the not-so-awesome week, I still got free food, which is indeed awesome.

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