Friday, May 23, 2008


-School is practically over. With AP exams over, there is really nothing to do. It's a waste of energy going to that place everyday and then doing pretty much nothing.

-It all came so quickly (referring to the above). I forgot that with the end of the year comes losing another group of friends. Tuesday is the last day for seniors and it's only a half day. I should've made more friends with people my age (or in my grade, rather). Next year is going to be really lonely.

-I need a job. I want things. Things cost money. I don't have money. I should obtain money. I need a job.

-I've solidified and narrowed down all of the schools that I'm applying to in the fall and all of the things I need to do to better myself before then.
Appying to: MIT, Olin, UF, WPI, GaTech, RPI
Need to: Take Math II, Physics, US History, and Lit SAT Subjects Tests, Retake ACT, maybe take SAT, start apps in July/August, be done with everything before November

-Apparently there will be no official closing of the year event/ceremony/picnic or whatever for robotics this year. It's kind of weird. The last meeting was on Thursday, a lot of people are leaving. Next year should be...interesting.

-I think I'm going to get a bike. I feel really immobile and I'd like to go places. A car is out of the question, I don't even know how to drive yet. Also, just riding around for the heck of it seems fun.

-There was an absolute failed attempt at a food fight yesterday. Someone thought it would be brilliant to toss every box of condiments into the air, provoking a tidal wave of students that were waiting in line. Little did the mischievous one know that they'd soon be tackled down to the ground by security and administrators. Quite a site. Even funnier that this came after an announcement that "we know what's going on. don't even try anything! you'll be expelled, not suspended...expelled" said the voice from the back of the cafeteria.

-I talk about school too much.

-TV sucks. With 300+ channels, it's a shame that I can't find anything to watch.

-8 days of school left. Yay!

-It suddenly got really hot. It went from being cool in the mornings and then in the high 70s-mid 80s daily to suddenly being in the mid 90s, hot, sticky, and humid EVERY hour of EVERY day. Oh wait, I forgot that I lived in Florida.

-Guitar Hero IV looks lame. Blatant Rock Band knock off with the drums, mic, etc. The fact that a Lenny Kravitz song is in the trailer and possibly in the game is a appealing, but probably not enough to buy the entire set, maybe just the game. Somehow, I'm getting Guitar Hero Aerosmith when it comes out.

-I have nothing else to say. The end.


Karen said...

you might want to apply to university of illinois - urbana-champaign if you want a safety that will get you out of the state. they're #4 for engineering nationally (or something like that) and they give hella money for out-of-state kids.

*plug plug plug*

Noelle said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I've only heard a bit about UIUC, but perhaps I'll look more into it now...