Saturday, May 3, 2008


This past week has been crazy. I think I've crammed more English and History into my head than my brain cares to process. I'm sure millions of students across the globe are going through the same thing...preparing for the dreaded AP exams next week and the following week.

Surprisingly, I've managed to effectively use my time this weekend thus far. Yesterday I worked a bit on my site, which I'll speak a bit about later. Today, I goofed around on the Internet a bit, and then did an AP Psych practice test, some AP Lang multiple choice questions, got some physics done, and now I'm taking a little break. I've been doing pretty well on the Psych MCs and I've recognized all of the topics in the previous year's FRQs that I've studied. I still have to study for APUSH, but it just seems so intimidating, with so much more left to learn. The exam is this Friday =/. Somehow I'll force myself to do it....

For a while I've wanted a place to showcase some of the random things I've done and projects that I've worked on, sort of like a portfolio. Its kind of just something I wanted to do for myself to document my past, but then I realized that it could probably be useful for putting in the 'Additional Information' sections of college applications to show more of me than what a few sheets of paper can reveal. I was planning on making it a project for the summer since I have nothing else to do, but I got bored on Tuesday after finding out that I had no homework, so out of the blue I just threw something together. It's coming along rather nicely. I still need to find a host and come up with a domain name. Perhaps I'll include a sneak peak when it has more content.

Yesterday I received my free copy of SolidWorks Student Edition 2007 in the mail, thanks to the Robotics Summer School that SolidWorks is putting together for this summer. The first 2000 to sign up got a free copy (I signed up about a week ago) and I think anyone can participate. Each week from July-August they are going to put up lessons, tutorials, and other stuff in an online learning environment. Sounds cool; I've wanted to learn SolidWorks for a while, especially since I've heard that it's way better than Inventor.

Yay for a productive weekend!

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