Sunday, April 13, 2008

Goodbye Procrastination?

It's a Sunday, minutes before midnight, I have school tomorrow, and all of my homework is done. Amazing. Simply amazing. It's a pretty good feeling knowing that I don't have leftover work to cram in tomorrow.

The AP Review yesterday was pretty helpful. It confirmed that I knew pretty much all that I needed to know for AP English and AP Psych, but also confirmed that I'm absolutely "gescrewed" for AP US History. I was most surprised to hear that I'd previously been told just blatantly wrong information by teachers that could've really affected my score, such statements as "You must use..." or "Never...". Hmmpf. I have no idea how I'm ever going to cram in 150 more years of history in less than a month.

I'm really excited for the Championships this week, but not too excited about all of the stuff I need to do before I leave. I just realized that I only have one day left to do an entire week's worth of work. I honestly planned to get through most of this week's work ahead of time so that I wouldn't have a mountain load of work when I got back. Not gonna happen...

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