Friday, April 4, 2008


It's 4am...where did the time go? Where did my Spring Break go? I vividly remember when it was last Thursday and I was relieved to be home from school for a week. I remember when it was 1am and The Boondocks ended and I was planning on going to sleep within the hour. How the hell did it get to be 4am Friday morning?

Looking at the clock and shockingly seeing 4 there reminded me of a TED Talk we watched in Interactive Design last semester about 4am. It's one of my favorites...

Apparently 4am is the new midnight, the most ungodly hour known to man. Midnight is nothing now! I love the "Coincidence? No, it's creepy!" lol.

Today I finally purchased my AP US History review book (Princeton Review is a lifesaver) so that I won't fail the AP exam. All of my other AP classes have been progressing fine, and I feel as if I'll be prepared for the exam, but this one is insanely far behind. I found out from some people online that most classes in the United States are around Ch. 30ish in the American Pageant; we're on 13 =/. There are 41 chapters worth of stuff that need to be shoved into my brain, and I only have 12! So now I have to cram with PR's summaries instead of learning everything the right way. Talk about poor course planning. Sucks for the rest of my class, though they probably don't care anyway. I'm hoping for a 3 or 4.

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Karen said...

APUSH was terrible. i managed a 4 by reading the review book the night before the test, despite not learning anything. i don't really advocate this. i do, however, advocate having nice handwriting! you might get extra points :)

but yeah, our team is very small so when 8 people couldn't go, that's like...half the people. good luck to you guys in atlanta!