Friday, April 11, 2008


This week has been intense. More work in every class that I could've ever imagined. What an interesting way to start off the semester. Some of the huge loads:

AP Lang: Essays daily, multiple weekly tests, 2 books to read at home, 1 in class, hundred of vocabulary words...ALL AT THE SAME TIME

AP US History: There's no way possible that our class can finish the book. I guarantee most of the students in my class won't pass the exam. Yay for my PR prep book instead! Nonetheless, the workload as still increased like x2 in the past week.

Robotics Research VI: Finally a robotics class that encompasses the 'research' title. We have to pick an Advanced Research Project, with our topic due today and then for the rest of the semester we're doing smaller research projects and other projecty things that will lead up to our ARP. I also have to somehow chronicle my experiences in the tech program for the past 3 years into a newsletter for my final portfolio by the end of school today...

The county's AP Review is this Saturday, so hopefully I'll gain some confidence as to how I'll do in May...or I'll become extremely depressed. Regardless, I'll continue to work my ass off for the next month.

FIRST Championships are next week! Next week this time I'll be in ATL, hopefully sleeping, prepping for the first day of qualifying matches. Divisions came out two days ago also and we're in Curie again. It doesn't look scary like Galileo does, but there is still a share of pretty competitive teams. We leave in 5 days!

But what I'm really most excited about is MITES decisions! According to people on CC that have called or been accepted and what not, decisions were mailed two days ago, which means they should be here REALLY soon! Hopefully I can find out by phone today? I'm flipping out now...

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