Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break!

No school until April 7th...yay! Thursday was a pretty awesome day of school. I really thought that I failed my AP Lang exam. Not finishing an essay seemed like a huge deal, but luckily she averaged the two essay scores and the 6 short responses (B+) and then averaged that to the Vocab/Reading Comp. score (B), which magically turned my grade into a B! Phhheeeww. I don't think I've ever been so excited to have a C in a class, and a B on the exam. Same with APUSH (except I have higher than a C in the class). The DBQ didn't quite make sense to me, so I kind of BSed the essay. Also, I've never gotten a grade higher than a C on any exam in that class (I suck with dates) and magically, on the midterm, I get a B. I'm pretty satisfied with mediocrity for once (even though most of the class failed). But honestly, I didn't work that hard this semester since I was distracted with something else, so I know I'll do tons better 4th quarter.

Now that that boring school stuff is out of the way, on to Spring Break. So far I have absolutely nothing to do but work on Physics. I've played more Guitar Hero in the last 4 days than I have since I've had the game. It's fun, but I reeaaalllly want Rock Band. Which is expensive. But not for the PS2. Which means I need a 360. Which is expensive. Which means I won't get Rock Band. :( After playing once, it's like you're hooked forever.

I spend all of today watching robotics regionals on GameDay. It was pretty awesome toggling between Bayou, Greater Toronto, and Boston throughout the day, and it almost felt like I was there during some parts. Even behind my computer, it was so exciting! The Bayou finals were pretty intense, with 118 and 148 on the same alliance, though 148 died a few times, and 118 missed a few shots. I was cheering for the Krunchy Bacon (1902-79-?) alliance, but they weren't doing to hot. Of course 1114 dominated at GTR, no surprise there. The Blue Man Group played at the Boston regional, and the show was pretty um, interesting, though cool nonetheless. What was more awesome was Woodie Flowers' entrance from the second level of the area by rope down to the field level. I watched a bit of the Hawaii regional, but it was clear that Pink and 254 were gonna win it. I think the NYC regional is the only one next week, hopefully it'll be exciting -- all eyes on them.

I can't wait for the Championship! We've had a pretty successful season, and now this is the big show. We were originally staying at the Omni, but due to that Tornado that wrecked downtown ATL, the Omni is no longer available to teams during that time, so we got relocated to the Westin again. The Westin's not too bad, I mean it's a wonderful hotel, but the elevator situation is ridiculous. With 72 floors, 6 elevators does not cut it, especially during peak hours (6:45am - 8am) when teams are leaving and (6pm - 8pm) when teams are getting back. Oh well. Meyers said he asked the travel agent to try to book lower floors (where the view sucks and you'll probably get a view of a parking lot), but I hope for higher floors with an amazing view (since it really doesn't make a difference with the elevators). Whoa, I used a lot of parenthetical phrases there.

Back to the Championship, I'm already pumped and sure it'll be a blast. I'm really anxious about divisions, since as soon as they are released we can start to scout. Most of the dominant forces have been made apparent since practically all of the regionals have been played out, so now we're all just hanging in there until mid-April. From what I've seen in Atlanta, nothing can be guaranteed, and no one can ensure a spot on Einstein. I don't know why I'm still rambling on...

Today (yesterday rather) there was an energy conservation effort, Earth Hour, where you were supposed to turn off your lights between 8-9pm to conserve energy. I found out about it this morning from the blackened Google homepage, which explained the event. I participated, because I happened to be taking a nap during that time. Apparently entire cities and corporate facilities are doing so also. Pretty cool...

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