Friday, March 21, 2008

Catching Up

FL Regional
We were seeded first at the end of the qualification matches on Saturday, so that meant we would be the #1 Alliance Captain (first time in 108 history, as so I've heard). As soon as our last qualification match ended, I experienced the most intense scouting that I've ever seen in FIRST. Teams were coming up to us with their data and pleas, we were going around to other teams trying to figure out their agendas, it was insane. Minutes before we had to line up for selections, we figured out how everything was going to play out. Normally, being at the top shouldn't be so tough, we did have all 61 other teams at our fingertips, right...not really, but we knew that we'd get rejected by the #2, #3, and possibly #4 alliances to pair up with. No problem, because we picked them anyway so they couldn't pick each other (I made the mistake of not picking #4 due to other assumptions, but whatever, it's behind us). We ended up with 103 and 395 on our alliance, which was an awesome alliance. Despite trouble with 395's shooter in several matches, we made it through the quarterfinals with no sweat, though meeting quite a battle on the other side with the semifinals. We won our first semifinal match by a penalty, lost the second, and then lost the third by 12 points :(. We were actually attempting the last ball placement, which would've been worth 12 points and could've led us into a tiebreaker match, but it didn't happen... Regardless, I still had a blast and we were very successful (10-3). I can't say much about ATL yet since the divisional lists aren't out yet, but I'm sure we'll be competitive.

This last week absolutely sucked to no end. I don't even know where to start in describing the level of suckiness, but it was just horrible. I'm not happy with my grades at all, and I really don't think there was much I could've done to make them better, but whatever, what's done is done. Next week should breeze by with midterms Tuesday and Wednesday, early release Thursday, and no school Friday, and then spring break.

I need something fun to do; I need a hobby.

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