Saturday, March 8, 2008

Space. Money. Time.

Music: ~20GB
Pictures: ~20GB
Videos: ~10GB
Program Files, Installers, and Random Crap: 34.3GB

Capacity: 84.3GB
Space Available: 1.90GB

SPACE CRISIS! I need to backup and delete a lot of stuff like, now. No wonder why my computer is so slow...videos are going first, the rest will be hard. Having a laptop as your primary computer is no fun :/


I think if I have time this weekend I'll go over to Best Buy and use up that gift card I have to by SingStar Rocks, since I'm getting a little bored with the song selection on SingStar Pop. Originally, I was stuck between Rocks and 80's, but I just looked at the tracklists again and Rocks is definitely lightyears better. I'll get 80's eventually. Should make for some more good fun in Orlando

Speaking of Orlando, I just found out today that the trip will cost $467, sans Islands of Adventure and Disney Quest. Not happy. Apparently, it's cheaper to fly halfway across the country. People suck, especially liars.


With this being the weekend before a regional, lots of stuff to do...again. I have to make sure to get caught up in AP Lang so I won't fall so far behind again when I come back next week like I did this week. Also a ton of APUSH work to do, which I didn't expect, but it's gotta get done. I really promised myself that I would stay on top of my online classwork, but somehow, I managed to push it to the backburner (it's just TOO easy to do with FLVS work), and now I'm behind -- gotta get caught up by Sunday.

I'd like to avoid packing 20 minutes before I leave again too (especially since we leave after school, so I'll have to pack the night before), so hopefully I'll get some stuff done this weekend. And since my suitcase got broken on the flight back from Philly, I'll have to take a smaller bag and pack less.

Somehow, I'd like to find time to squeeze in watching the webcasts for the final day of the NASA/VCU Regional and Arizona. Matt created this cool dashboard program, SOAP GameDay, which is extremely awesome, and allows you to watch all the webcasts at once, check up on the scores, rankings, and other event info, and even has a little ticker with updates -- all in one window!

Knowing myself, I'm sure only half of this will get done. But there's hope!

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