Friday, January 18, 2008


Okay, so I've been lazy today (big surprise!) On these types of days where I'm home all day, I find myself doing the most random and unusual things, like watching lame old movies like Bring It On. I'm almost ashamed that I would watch that movie dozens of times when I was 10 and now I can recall every line. A few minutes ago, I caught myself reciting one of the cheers 'something something something your school has no gymnastics team, this is a last resort!'. Interesting that I didn't get half of the innuendos in this movie when I was 10 either, but I still thought it was awesome. Nonetheless, away from tacky movies...I always find ways to waste time somehow. This wasting time thing is getting to be detrimental, as I've also noticed that I barely eat at all when I'm sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. For example, today:

8am: wake up (very early for me for a day off. I ended up sleeping 13 hours the night before)
8:30am: hmmm, I should eat something; bread and gatorade
12pm: woah I haven't really eaten anything all day, I should eat something to hold me over until I make lunch (why didn't I just have lunch then?); makes nachos, ginger ale
4pm: Paula Deen comes on TV and makes delicious food. I remember again that I still haven't eaten anything of substance, though still continuing to watch Paula lick her fingers and eat butter.

Sidenote: I LOVE Paula Deen. Especially her live show, Paula's Party or something like that. The butter-eating, finger-licking, country-talking, goodness! She always makes delicious food, and even though she has the countriest and most syllable-enhancing accent that I've ever heard, she is still awesome. I would love to be in her live studio audience and eat her butter saturated country food. Normally I'm not a fan of country-style anything...but I mean, how could you resist this? I've never even had corn fritters before, but they just sound so delicious. ::gets hungry again::

[somewhere in between]: My mom calls and tells me that I can order pizza for dinner, again reminded of my lack of nutrition for the am I still alive?
5pm: Rachel Ray comes on TV and I turn it off because she begins to get annoying.
5:15pm: Check my email and Dominos sent me another BFD coupon/promo code, I remember to order my pizza
6:10pm: Finally roll around to ordering pizza (how did I lose an hour? curse you Internetz!)

Dominos has this awesome new Pizza Tracker app, where you can see the progress of your pizza in real-time. No lie. It is awesome.

Now, I've already raved about ordering Domino's Pizza online, but it's still awesome. Ordering pizza online is just n^infinity times better than being on hold and repeating your order 5 times over the phone. They may not have the best pizza I've ever had, but these little feats make it so much more awesome. I managed to catch a few of the steps, since I only checked back to the site every few seconds.

6:12pm: Order Submitted
6:12pm: "Carlos put your pizza in the oven at 6:12pm"
6:19pm: "Carlos took your pizza out the oven at 6:19pm" (it cooked in only 7 minutes?!?!)
6:19pm: "Robert walked out the door with your pizza"
6:32pm: ::KNOCK KNOCK::

My pizza arrived in only 20 minutes? They are amazingly efficient. Google Maps shows that I live 2.4 miles away from this Domino's, so there might be a slight advantage...but wow. TWENTY minutes, from [enter] to my front door? Wow! Don't believe me? Take a look...

It was indeed delicious. Two more awesome facts -- the Cheesy Bread was free, since they have a promotion where you get a free bread side with the purchase of any pizza, and also, I specified that I wanted pepperoni on the right, and where is it? (No, I'm not that nitpicky, you just have to specify online.) Not only do I love free things, but I also love Cheesy Bread. An updated version of that picture would reflect 3/8 of the pizza gone, 1/4 of the Cheesy Bread gone, and 1/3 of the Coke gone. Domino's gets a coolPoint++ in my book now, and it was definitely worth the $20 for efficiency and suspense factor alone. At first I was a little disappointed because the Crispy Melt delicious double-crusted pizza thing was no longer available, but I quickly forgot about that. No lie about their new "You Got 30 Minutes!" slogan.


evan said...

I LOVE PUALA DEEN TOO!!!!!!!!!!! shes so awesome and her food looks so good! Shes like "mmm doesn't that look good, lets add another pound of butter!" Mm and then she drinks on the show, or her dog comes in the kitchen ahahah. You rock noelle!

Anonymous said...

Domino's ads don't get you hungry for pizza but your blog sure does maybe you can audition for a marketing job with show more product shots than their commercials !

JAMES said...

I think Google map has helped u to get the delicious pizza, in a little time. I once won a
Gatorade Coupon with a pizza.