Thursday, January 3, 2008


It's cold outside!

Today was a record setting day with temperatures in the 30s, only moving up to the 60s in the afternoon. It ties the record of the coldest day in S. Florida with January 3, 2003, five years ago. I don't mind the cold at all. It beats sweltering heat.

Today we got cable, Internet, and digital voice installed, so it feels really homey now. Yay, "lightening fast" Internet! It's Comcastic. I got the router set up in no time, and no longer will I have to steal my neighbor's wi-fi. Maybe I should leave a note for them stating that they're vulnerable? I'm not used to having cable, so I have no idea of those schmancy network shows, or what time anything comes on, though I have no problem with watching the Discovery Channel all day.

I also decided to finally open up my wireless mouse that I got for Christmas. It's wonderful. I've managed to get some work done over the break, well only last night. Surprisingly, I'm extremely efficient at 3am -- getting work that would've normally taken me 2 hours to do done in only 45 minutes. I feel a little accomplished now that AP Psych is out of the way, but there is still tons more to do. Break is never long enough!

FIRST released a 3rd game hint. The first was an IR Board, the second are three numbers, which are thought to represent coordinates, possibly Copley Square in Boston, and the third hint was released yesterday, the phrase "vet hurdling FIRST tetra". I'm not going to bother with speculation, as Kickoff is on Saturday, and I can definitely wait. Speaking of which, Kickoff is on SATURDAY! Goodbye weekends! I downloaded the encrypted versions of the manual so I'll have it for when the key is released after the kickoff presentation is broadcasted. It still seems too soon.

Kickoff > School > Finals > Build Season > Ship Robot > Compete


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the FIRST competition. I went to the kickoff today and it is going to be challenging. Do you have a headache yet :-)

Noelle said...

Nope, not yet...I should have a detailed post about kickoff coming up though