Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Free

At the moment, I am not a student of any classes right now (yet!) and it feels great! I have a 5-day weekend ahead of me with no worries or obligations to anything school-related. It hasn't been this way in a long time. It feels like a huge burden has finally been lifted off of my shoulders. Now I can relax (kinda). The last of exams were today, and I can safely say that everything went well.

Calculus - surprisingly easy exam. He allowed us to use the TI-89s on the exam, which meant that for half of the equations, I could just manipulate the numbers a bit, punch in the equations, and have the correct answer. The free response were pretty easy too, and even though I had to show my work, I could still check my work with the calculator. Also, I brought my easy button to school with me that day, so I Kyle, DJ, several others, and I pressed it before the exam, and also as we each finished. It was hilarious to break the silence and shuffling of papers with "That was easy!" That thing really works!

Electronics - Same stuff as before. The review sheet that he gives us 3 days before the exam is always identical to the actual test, though you can never be sure if your answers are correct. It wasn't too hard. It still sucked that we had to write two BS FCAT essays in addition to it. I don't mind writing essays, but when I'm forced to write them in that horrible format, especially with stupid topics, I just take it as a joke...especially since I'm done with the FCAT -- I've got nothing to prove.

AP Psychology - Can't say it was easy, can't say it was hard. Pretty much what I expected it to be. The essays were the Free-Response Questions from the 2007 AP Exam, and I felt pretty confident about answering them. Also, Mr. Lacroix wore his Freud shirt that DJ and I got him for Christmas.

Interactive Design - Honestly, even though we've had the whole semester, I actually started coding my site only a week ago. I know, shame on me. It still came out great though for the time span that I did it in. I think it looked the best because I took the time to learn CSS and managed to apply it in a simple, not over-doing it manner, but there were some other great concepts out there with more interactivity. All of the pages on the site weren't done, but it was really about the presentation, and I had enough to show something substantial. If I ever decide to host it somewhere perhaps I'll put a link here. It was an accomplishing feeling knowing that I did the whole thing from scratch, regardless of how bland and grey (hey, I like grey) it looks.

Also, since today was an early release day, we kept up our tradition of going to McDonalds as soon as school ended. Proper planning and speed walking ensures that you'll be there first, since half the school seems to show up within the next 15 minutes. It's an awesome feeling being first. We've been doing this for a whole year now. There are stares of jealously walking back into school carrying those delicious fries, while everyone else has school lunch from the typical early release day menu that's been used for the last 11 years. When I got on the bus, we had to wait at Parkway for a few since they didn't get out until 12:40pm. A garbage truck pulled up and we got him to honk his horn. When their school finally ended, you saw kids scattering around the campus like chickens with their heads cut off, as if it was the last day of school or something! I don't recall middle school being like this at all.

So, I've got tomorrow free, Robotics on Saturday, and then Sunday-Tuesday free. I plan on finishing up my MITES and WTP apps (shame on me for wasting away winter break) and then just doing nothing. And by nothing I mean anything.

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