Monday, October 22, 2007

Life Without Music

My new phone should be here in a few days, so I'll have something to listen to, but for now I feel as if my ears have been muted.

Today included one of those things that will probably be on the "Top 10 List of Odd Things That Have Happened at Dillard". DJ and I were walking back from the guidance office after lunch, right before 4th block when a huge splash of red punch came flying right before our feet. Apparently someone was seeking revenge against someone else with a gallon of Very Red Publix Punch, and decided to do so in a very crowded spot. No one moved until the bottle was empty, afraid of being stained in the middle of warfare. After the huge splash that we dodged, they preceded with dumping the rest of the container on to the other person's head, completely covering them in the sticky red liquid. But the guy was rather soaked too, so I assume it was a fair battle. Nonetheless, there wasn't an adult in sight. ::sigh:: Typical Dillard...

Midterm reviews all day tomorrow. I have a very very slight chance of getting a B in Calc if this next HW/Quiz grade bumps me up to a 79. There's hope.

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