Monday, October 22, 2007

Is it late October yet?

I'm anxiously waiting for the MITES 2008 application to be released. Their site has had the same message since June/July.
2008 Program Dates: June 18, 2008 - August 2, 2008
Applications will be available in late October.
Midterms are this week, blegh. I've calculated that I should have a 3.625 unweighted GPA and 4.325 weighted GPA at the end of this semester. At least Calculus (and everything else) is halfway over! I'm not stressing.

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been thinking of things to post, but for some odd reason I just haven't felt like writing anything, sorry. So I'll give a quick recap of what might have happened:
  • I can now 'Crank Dat Soulja Boy'. Not really, but I got $10 for a horrible attempt.
  • I went to my first (and possibly last) football game. It was homecoming and Dillard won. Yay, I guess?
  • I finally figured out an independent project to do for the rest of Interactive Design.
  • Carnegie Mellon came to visit Dillard on Friday. Nothing special, except I "coincidentally" wore my SAMS shirt and the admissions officer pointed it out. I was shocked that she actually knew all about DARPA Grand/Urban Challenge and FIRST Robotics
  • I narrowed down my college list a bit. 5 schools confirmed (MIT, WPI, UF, Tufts, Olin), 3 pending (Boston, Northeastern, CMU).
  • Registered for the Dec. 8 ACT+Writing
  • I still have a C+ in Calc :(
  • Robotics Parent Meeting and regional registration and stuffs (Chicago --> Orlando --> ATL). Taught Autodesk Inventor to the noobs in mech.
  • Previous Week: Rock Star Day and Superhero Day @ Dillard for a barely spirited Spirit Week
This should be a good week I guess. Hopefully the MITES application will come out in the next 5 days, I only have to go to school for a few hours on Wednesday and Thursday, and no school on Friday. Woah its late! Only 3.5 hours of sleep tonight...

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Anonymous said...

If you're into robotics you're *really* going to need that calculus. Robotics is all about probability these days (with a smidgin of geometry, algorithms, and control theory in there as well). The probability is all about integrals... (control is also calculus and linear algebra).

I hope that's a good encouragement!