Friday, September 14, 2007

Stand Tall for Eric Shun!

"This is my little friend here, his name is Eric Shun. I want you to vote him for Mr. Dillard. He will try his very hardest, the hardest, to be as best as he can be!"

Best lunch ever!

The Story
In the cafeteria during lunch today, the security guy that makes loud, obnoxious announcements over the microphone allowed the students campaigning for various Miss this and Mister that to make announcements for themselves, or their promoters to do so rather. Mr. Jackson announces "Anyone that wanna announce they positions fo Homecomin' and Mista and Miss dis and dat can come up here right now and represent they candidates!"

Getting annoyed with the silly announcements, we pondered some interesting things to do with such free will over the microphone. DJ suggests we say something funny. We all begin exchanging weird names. Ben Dover, Ivana Fugalot are the first ones to come to mind. Then I remember a T-Shirt that I saw a while back "Eric Shun Moving Company" displayed along a long tractor-trailer. Everyone loves the idea and DJ literally takes it an runs with it. After debating the possibilities...either everyone will get it or no one will...he takes Emile and runs up to the podium.

After letting a few other real candidates go ahead, Mr. Jackson hands DJ the mic with no questions, and after only a few words, the whole cafeteria goes wild. Maybe it was just because DJ was white? Maybe it was because they actually got it? Nonetheless, Eric Shun got the loudest and most eventful cheers out of any of the candidates. Marc and I just sat there at our table, anticipating every moment, not believing that all of this actually happened.

We left before lunch was over to go to Mr. Calder's class as usual, telling everyone we knew along the way. They didn't believe us at all, but after a quick realization "Duh, it's Dillard!" everyone got a nice little chuckle. It was fun explaining it to people, watching the quizzical looks on their faces, and then waiting for the "OHHHH HAHA LOL!"

It's now halfway through 4th block, and the funnies have barely slowed down. And Emile's new name is now Eric, lol.

Calder: DJ you have to stop with this stuff
DJ: But it just keeps coming!

Random Person: Eric Shun? He's running? For what?
Emile: Your mom!

Great ending to a boring day!

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