Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blurry Rain in My Frosty

Random title. Somewhat symbolic, but I shall explain.

The rain part is self-explanatory. It has been pouring for the past week. I have gotten drenched everyday walking home, with or sans Umbrella. It gets depressing after 5 days of this constant moisture-ridden journey. Okay, maybe I'm just bitter because I had to take off my glasses because the rain droplets further impaired my vision. I stepped in a huge puddle soaking my entire foot and lower leg without noticing until I took the next step...TWICE! Curse you, occipital lobe! Turn on that stupid 'Depth Perception' switch!

Now for the Frosty. Wendy's makes this delicious dairy product, not quite your typical soft serve. If you didn't know, I happen to be very lactose intolerant. Me + Dairy = BAD! It just doesn't work! Unfortunately, I really want a Frosty. Usually when I take part in these dairy indulgences, I forget the mostly useless Lactaid and deal with the abdominal discomfort. I had dairy today with no digestive supplements. Ugh, whhhyyyy. (I know, it's my fault, I shouldn't complain)

So, how does all of this relate? Well as we all know, Frosties are already crammed with artificial this and that and all of those chemicals that you can't pronounce. Rain is filled with pollutants. Imagine that you were trying to eat a frosty while it was raining, not being able to see 4 feet in front of you, attempting to dodge puddles, and of course not thinking about how this thing will never digest into your body. Sounds fun, huh? Rain exacerbates* everything.

Random thought: Why can't my school sell those lovely sounding Cherry Popsicle things that Rich's advertises on their site? No dairy? [gasp!]

::Smash Mouth's "Story of My Life" begins playing in the background::

On a lighter note, school is interesting. Barely. That's about it. I've compiled some of my favorite quotes thus far this week:

(before a test) "Clear your desks so the people next to you have a clear view of your paper" - Lacroix

"Windows is a horrible operating system. Everyone still uses it." - Calder

"BAT Testing will be administered ON TOMORROW" - Morning Announcements

"You know this thing can make grades go down to negative values?" - Euler
Minutes later: "HOW THE HELL DO I HAVE A -10 IN THIS CLASS!?" - someone in my class

(After hearing two people suddenly burst into laughter) "Oh don't worry Noelle, I was just using you as a point of reference" - Lexa

In the End, I still have to work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, because it really wasn't a Bad Day and I'm Walkin' on the Sun. So Much I plan on Sleeping In, but Don't Stop Me Now because I Drive Myself Crazy and I find it Hard to Concentrate. Against All Odds, In My Life there is always Big Shit Poppin' and I Can't Stop, though I'm always Under Pressure. Here It Goes Again...

(lol ^ how many song titles can I use in a single blog post, much less a single sentence)

coolPoint++ to whoever knows all of the songs in that last blurb

I didn't have to take Benchmarks today because I don't have to!

Tampa in less than 2 days!

Early release tomorrow!

Yay! (Amazing how the tone of a post can change drastically within a few paragraphs.)

*See Emile, even normal people like me (HA!) use "big" words.

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