Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mission Mayhem!

We won!

After a horrible start, missing our first match and then losing EVERY SINGLE match except for our second to last, we made it to the elimination rounds. While standing waiting to possibly be picked, I was talking to a guy from 168, with both of us commenting on the first four pickings. We both thought that there was no way that either of us would be picked. They got rid of the serpentine draft, so after the #4 seed picked their first partner it went back to #1 to choose their second alliance partner. When Arefin asked the pink guy who they would be choosing to complete their alliance, he stumbled over his words, sending our team into crazy excitement mode. "Teams 233 and 108 [sudden screams from 108], (pause) oops, I mean 180, would like to invite team 108 to join our alliance!" There were 8 teams left to choose from, and we got picked by the #1! In true off season event fashion, I omitted the "team 108 graciously accepts" from our acceptance with a "Heck Yes!" instead.

I assumed that they picked us for defense, and indeed, I was right. We were all pretty much on the same page as far as strategy went. 233 would attempt to go for the most ringers as possible, with SPAM doing the same, except rushing back about 30 seconds before to deploy their ramps, while we kept the main two scorers on the blue alliance away from the rack.

Despite a field reset during an amazing match (a row of six with a vertical row of three and us and 233 preparing to go up 180's ramps), we didn't lose a single match of the elimination rounds, making us, along with PINK and SPAM, Mission Mayhem 2007 champions!

I can say that it was an exciting and fun event, but there were still a few spoiling factors. There was a point around 9:45am where I really wanted to quit the team right then and there. Pointless arguments over simple tasks, confusion, arrogance, conflicting doesn't matter that we brought home the win at all. A LOT will have to change before I can truly enjoy my experience with 108, if I ever get a chance to. At least we've got spirit, yes we do!

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Pamela said...

Congrats on your win. Remember that chaos and confusion usually exist before things fall into place. Sometimes that makes the successes even sweeter. Remember that most people are not as focused or determined as you. And don't try to make too much out of those crazy dreams.