Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer's Over

I'm supposed to be sleeping now, but for some unidentifiable reason I'm still awake. I am currently at the Paramount Plaza in Gainesville, awaiting New Student Convocation/Navigating the Swamp at school tomorrow and moving into my apartment. Being that I'm no longer at home and the first day of classes is only three days away, my summer is pretty much over.

I can definitely say this has been the laziest and least productive summer of my life. The transition from high school to college is like a waiting game, and that's all. Sure there's so much "preparation" to do, but that comes and goes quickly and is usually towards the end of the waiting period. A few days of frantic packing, worrying, catching up with friends and family, and then BAM suddenly you're in a new city, new home, new life.

I set out some goals for the summer, but with my summer pretty much down the drain, let's see how much I actually accomplished:

Summer 2009 To-Do List
  • See Up
  • Go to the beach a few times
  • Figure out what classes I want to take
  • Do Chem and Calc Readiness Assessments
  • Blog at least twice a week
  • Mock up some ideas in Inventor
  • See Away We Go
  • Go to Rapids Water Park
  • Get rid of a bunch of old high school crap
  • Attend UF Preview July 14-15
  • See Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  • Cook more often
  • Go bowling
  • See Funny People
  • Go to Miami Metro Zoo, mainly to see/feed giraffes up close
  • Enter a few video contests
  • Hang out with friends more often
  • Brush up on some Calculus
  • Try to pick up Spanish
  • Do something with my website (kinda sorta not really)
  • See Bruno (maybe)
  • Plan how I'm moving to college in great detail
  • Go to another Laser Quest all-nighter (kinda, played a regular game)
  • Try to take a photo a day
13 out of 24 ain't to shabby. Most of it is just that I didn't get to go to the movies as often as I wanted to and logistics prevented Metro Zoo from working out. Regardless, I'm satisfied with my relaxing summer and time spent with friends and I am finally ready to go back to school for the most part.

Haha it's just so weird that I'm finally here to stay and not going back home. So surreal. I'm experiencing a suppressed version of excitement, weird. Updates on moving in and such later...


Bob Calder said...

If you substitute alligators for giraffes, you have wildlife to see. When my wife was there one chased her onto a picnic table.

Go tubing at the springs or rent a kayak up in White Sulpher Springs and go down their cool rapids before it gets too cold.

Stay awake in class.

Josue said...

How you did not make it to ANY Summer Blockbuster... beats me.

Ha, but At least you took it easy. Good luck out there, and stay in touch.

Im staying down here. Local, taking film classes in MDC for 2 years, and well, doing my thing.

eemahnee stickani. said...

i believe the max exposure is 3200