Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Plans

The title of this blog entry is just about as dull as my summer will probably be. A month of my summer has already passed and a lot of my friends are already going off to college for Summer B. I almost regret starting in the Fall, but I'll enjoy my time to relax. There's a bunch of preparational stuff that I need to do before going to UF that I'll probably put off doing until the first weeks of August, but that still leaves me another whole month of lollygagging and doing absolutely nothing. I'll be moving into my aparment on August 21st, coincidentally the day of New Student Convocation, so I have 57 days (5 of which will be in Gainsville, so 52 really) left in South Florida to do the following:

Summer 2009 To-Do List
  • See Up
  • Go to the beach a few times
  • Figure out what classes I want to take
  • Do Chem and Calc Readiness Assessments
  • Blog at least twice a week
  • Mock up some ideas in Inventor
  • See Away We Go
  • Go to Rapids Water Park
  • Get rid of a bunch of old high school crap
  • Attend UF Preview July 14-15
  • See Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  • Cook more often
  • Go bowling
  • See Funny People
  • Go to Miami Metro Zoo, mainly to see/feed giraffes up close
  • Enter a few video contests
  • Hang out with friends more often
  • Brush up on some Calculus
  • Try to pick up Spanish
  • Do something with my website
  • See Bruno (maybe)
  • Plan how I'm moving to college in great detail
  • Go to another Laser Quest all-nighter
  • Try to take a photo a day
I think what I've planned is pretty manageable and realistic, so we'll see how things turn out in August.


domi.blurbs said...

We must do the following:
Go to the beach
See Away we go
Go to the zoo
go to rapids water park
hang out with meeee
try not to go to a LQ overnighter (LOL)
take a million pics and post only 2 up on FB! :D

lets make some plans so i can free up some time at work! :-D

domi.blurbs said...
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domi.blurbs said...

oh yea and BOWLING! and if we go bowling with evan he gets his own personal lane! I dont feel like getting my ass kicked anytime soon lol :P

pyro said...

Interesting.... well, good luck with your plans. And have fun in college.