Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog? What Blog?

Oh yeah...my blog!

For the past month and a half I've abandoned this blogging thing like Key West before a hurricane. Usually I stop blogging due to lack of content, time, or motivation. The past two months have been action-packed, busy, and have whizzed by with unbelivable speed. I have tons of things to talk about, but for some odd reason I avoided blogging about them. Perhaps Twitter is to blame.

In short, I went to Grad Bash at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure in Orlando, took AP exams, I didn't go to prom, endured a hectic last week of school, high school ended, I graduated, I've managed to completely fuck up my sleeping habits, I signed a lease for my new apartment, ignored the 2nd birthday/anniversary of my blog, spent way to much time on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube, and I've basically been a bum since May 30th.

Graduating high school was quite liberating and I'm incredibly relieved to be out of such an environment. Though college is somewhat distant at two months away, the reality of going away to college is still a lot to take in. Part of me can't wait to go, live on my own (sorta), take interesting, challenging courses, meet new people, and do new things. The other part of me is concerned for the same exact reasons. It's not something that I'm stressing over all the time and I'm sure August 21st will be here soon enough to submerge me in college and all of it's awesomeness (or horribleness?) whether I like it or not.

So it's the last summer before college, supposedly my last free summer until I retire, and apparently this is the year to "live it up". I'll save my summer plans for another post -- they're not that interesting.

I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with regular blogging throughout the summer until my life picks up with school and interacting with humans on a regular basis again, but I'll aim to update at least once a week.

65 days 'til I say goodbye to Sunrise and hello to Gainesville.

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