Monday, January 19, 2009

On a Mission

Today I'll be gathering supplies to make one of these:

I guess FIRST had some logistics issues this year with the game pieces, as Walmart was the only retailer aside from FIRST directly, and both are completely sold out. Luckily a very wise team managed to create their own and made a video and guide to replicate it perfectly, so now teams have an option to get game pieces to practice with. I'll be working on 1-2 test homemade orbit balls for 108 to work with, and if it goes well we'll make a ton more. I will soon embark on a short journey around town to

1. Home Depot to get some 1/16" polycarbonate and 1/8" rivets
2. Joann Fabrics to get some spandex and padding
3. Maybe to Walmart to see if by chance they have anymore orbit balls left

I would assemble the whole thing at home, but I don't have a bandsaw. So I'll prep the fabric coverings tonight and finish it up tomorrow.

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